Zlatan Ibrahimović


The adoration for this player by some of our members (you included). We get it, Zlatan is sooooooooooo good. We got that about 2 months ago already, as countless dudes on this forum hail his achievements on a daily basis (he’s 35! omgomgomg!!!). This thread has more replies than the ones for Santi, Hector, Mustafi or Cech, and more than Per’s and Kos’ combined.
What more needs to be said on the topic of Zlatan fucking Ibrahimovic, a Manchester United player?


Because it’s a separate section of the forum which allows us to discuss non-Arsenal related matters.


TBF some of that is a pushback against the people who have been detractors, people who have been trying to unreasonably talk him down.


No causality here whatsoever. Because it’s a seperate section of the forum, this thread has so many replies?
This thread has so many replies because a lot of people feel the need to engage in a nerverending match of “told you so”. While this is certainly justified to some extent, given how this all started, it’s gotten to a point were Arsenal fans are posting memes celebrating the quality of a United player and updating his goal tally (14!!!), which is - in my humble opinion - embarrassing.


Zlatan isn’t the first non Arsenal player this forum has jizzed over and wont be the last.

Some of the comments made against him are ludicrous and deserve to be shot down whether he is an Arsenal player or not.

IMO Ibra deserves all the praise he gets from fans all over, not just United scum. The guy is remarkable and people have been anticipating his Premier League arrival for years.

So sorry if we talk about him a bit as he mugs off defenders at the age of 35. They are the ones who should be embarrassed :joy:


There’s no mandate that forces you to enter the thread though so if it upsets you so much then there’s nothing we can do about that. I’ll continue to spend the rest of the season updating his tally and adopting the told you so approach towards certain members who’ve spent the last few months doing everything in their power to undermine his obvious quality.

That’s because despite his association with United, he’s one of the most celebrated football players of his generation and therefore will always be a strong topic of discussion on any football forum irrespective of the club in question.


[quote=“SRCJJ, post:449, topic:529, full:true”] I’ll continue to spend the rest of the season updating his tally and adopting the told you so approach […]

According to this logic, the Messi thread on this forum (any football related forum for that matter) should be bursting. Alas, there isn’t even one. It just so happens that this particular forum has a lot more dedicated Zlatan fanboys than it has Messi fanboys. And just like you’re entitled to continue your endeavours in promotion of the god of the Swedes, I might occasionally step by and voice my opinion, too. No need to “do anything about that”. As this is the internet, it matters fuck all anyway. :wink:


@CunningLinguist Been thinking the exact same every time this thread blows up every week…

I get what started it was reasonably understandable, but the fact that the same thing is still being repeated after weeks and months by the same heads just displays pure unadulterated dick riding there’s no two ways about it.

How many times do you even have to say Ibra proved his doubters wrong? Especially how he barely had any doubters in the first place. I don’t think any other player got this kind of backing when they shut up arguably more doubters than Ibra has. Ibra’s supposed doubters are such a minority that they’re basically a way to justify displaying Ibra fan boy behaviour.

As we can see around the internet, the media outlets and the football fandom, people were eagerly anticipating to whip em out the very first moment this popular world class footballer got into any kind of form.

Indeed nauseating but this thread and generally football discourse online will probably still be popping with the same shit until the end of the season.


I’ll be one of those “pure unadulterated dick riders” for the rest of the season and I’ll quite enjoy doing it too. And in the meantime people such as yourself and @CunningLinguist can either continue to be bothered about it or just not waste your time coming into a thread about an individual player in a non-Arsenal related section of the forum.

And as nauseating as you seem to find it you still had ample time to come in and ramble on with your own two cents yourself with a reply which could easily have been condensed into a sentence or two. So save yourself the hassle and just don’t entertain it.


It’s probably a bit much for you to lament the state of online football discourse when you start your post with a phrase like “pure unadulterated dick riding” :laughing:


Unique descriptions should not be frowned upon :sunglasses:


[quote=“CunningLinguist, post:450, topic:529”]
Alas, there isn’t even one. It just so happens that this particular forum has a lot more dedicated Zlatan fanboys than it has Messi fanboys.
[/quote]That’s not really a fair comparsion considering we started from scratch in the Summer, losing everything as a result. The Messi thread on the old Forum had tons of posts and activity.


Not that it matters, but how isn’t it a fair comparison, if both started from scratch?


Playing in a different league hence not so many watch his games + Messi talk in the La Liga thread



I think that if Messi had moved to the Premier League and to one of our rivals this summer he’d have a thread dedicated to him specifically, and it would be very busy if two or three posters had decided to trash him simply because he played for one of our rivals. This is why I think it’s a bit of an unfair comparison. We reset the forums and lost a fair bit of activity along the way, which is why there isn’t a Messi thread anymore. Also because at this stage there isn’t much that needs saying about Messi, there’s next to no debate to be had, he is basically the greatest and that’s all there is to it.

Also, to put it lazily, Ibrahimovic is box office. He’s a larger than life character who often says outrageously arrogant things, that seem to amuse and alienate people in equal measure. Lots of people think he’s hilarious and the man, whereas others think that he’s an arrogant bellend. He provokes discussion.

He’s an astounding footballer but as a character i think he’s a twat, and I think his arrogance is now too self aware and artificial and is all about maintaining “Brand Zlatan”, but even though I don’t like him at all it’s still tempting to come to come to this thread to laugh at those who needlessly tried to talk him down.


Nothing really, but I think a lot of the people praising him are really just responding to the people trashing him.


While I agree with everything you wrote, you’ve totally missed the point.


I see plenty of proactive posts.
Even when he scores a mundane goal, the thread is bumped.

It is indeed quite embarrassing.


also @CunningLinguist

I believe Giroud got a lot of praise (including myself) this season, rather than pure bashing in the past.