Zlatan Ibrahimović


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Flat track bully just bagged the equaliser against Liverpool.


Yeah, while you’re right in general this is just no example of a good goal or a good performance.


For anyone who couldn’t wrap their head around why Giroud’s celebration was a joke, take a long look at how Ibra responded to that equalizer.

That’s a winner’s mentality plain and simple.


Offside equalizer, but he’s in my fpl team now so go on Ibra!!


Zlatan Ibrahimovic has scored 14 goals in his first 20 PL games - the same total as Alan Shearer and Sergio Aguero.


An exceptional professional and a class player. That’s why at 35 he’s still producing these numbers. 3 more goals and he’s already beaten anything Giroud has ever done in a league season in England.


Best striker in the league.


Just glad they equalised. Best result for us.


Pfff, he didn’t even take the ball with him back to the centre circle. Some winning mentality.


Yeh rookie mistake, if he had grabbed the ball they’d have won 2-1 easy.


14 league goals now :eyes:


Still shit in my opinion.


Is a full team Liverpool the same as a 10-men Bournemouth???


I was making a joke with Castiel, I didn’t make any sort of comparison between Liverpool and Bournemouth.


Where on earth did jake say that :sweat_smile:



I should have just make a new post, instead of “replying” :slight_smile:
I was just adding my comment on top of Jakey’s comment…



It’s getting a bit embarrassing, tbh.


What’s embarrassing?


That meme :stuck_out_tongue: