Yves Bissouma

We aren’t signing a #6/#8 in the summer. No point arguing about it. :sweat_smile:

If u believe me or not it won’t matter as long Arteta remains our coach. We spent 50m on a dood who shoulda been a sure fire monster CM and Arteta has turned him to Matthew Flamini.


I’d rather bring Guendouzi back thanks


He just doesn’t do it for me. I want an actual creative player there. Also, does anyone really think Arteta is giving up on Xhaka? There’s just no way.

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He’s not very good.


Potter doing his magic like he’s done his whole career getting blood out of a very poor stone?


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Is Graham any good working with Granit?


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Sign him up!

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“Yves?..Would you like to play under a cone collector, who thinks he is a good manager?..Errrrr, no thanks”

End of deal.


We are still Arsenal, and will be able to attract players!

I have a feeling you don’t like Arteta


True…but not until we have a manager who is Arsenal quality…

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Yeah players like this dood who are mediocre at best would love to make the jump from Brighton to a club like Arsenal who are stupid enough to double and triple his wages :joy::joy::joy:


I’m going to go out on a limb here after Thursday night, but he still has my backing atm.

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Why the feck does anybody back him still?

I don’t get it.

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I get you don’t like Arteta, Johnny. Just like the majority of people on here but do you need to turn EVERY post you make into a dig about him? :joy:

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Man made The Kroenkes finally want to invest. He has my full support. :arteta:
We’ve signed some pretty good talents the past windows so I’m hopeful now. Even if het gets the sack we’ll still have a good swuad for someone to takeover and do something.

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Yea the guy who works at my gym does and some lads from old OA still back him and the excuses blow my mind.

Not his players.

Kept leno over martinez

David luiz extended
Gabriel signed
Cedric signed
Partey signed
Xhaka extended
Dani loaned
Ode loaned
Willian signed
Auba extended

Plus holding extended mari signed how much of a mark do you want a manger to have on a squad lol??

Obvious improvements.

What 40 goals in a season and 10th.

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When he is the ONE person who has totally ruined my enjoyment of anything to do with Arsenal…Then yes, is the answer…