Yves Bissouma

Yves love to see it :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

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Another goal scoring midfielder to get excited about then. Can’t wait.


*Expected goalscoring midfielder




Who the hell is Harry Pratt?
He’s arguably their best asset, why the hell would they sell him for only £30m?

Because city, Chelsea, United aren’t interested.

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Mikel’s dream midfield.


I don’t understand all the hate for Bissouma…a Bissouma-Partey pivot would be a very strong central midfield and would allow our attacking players to focus on what they are good at…I really rate this guy and want us to make a bid for him in the summer.


I think some people don’t like the idea of signing a player from Brighton because we used to sign players from big clubs and Brighton are neither big nor successful right now.

Our bigger problem is creativity imo and idk how Bissouma solves that.

Because Bissouma’s passing is atrocious. Partey is actually a much better passer than most give him credit for but Bissouma should be used as only a holding midfielder who wins the ball and recycles to someone who can progress the ball. 30m is such a fucking waste on a player as limited as Bissouma but Arsenal gonna Arsenal.

This would be depressing af…Partey is a G tho Mikel has just ruined him.


??? Ok how about…Henry, Pires, Vieira, and all the other great Arsenal players who no one had heard of before they signed for us…Playing for Brighton means he is PL ready for next season. Personally I think he would be a great holding midfielder for us and would allow Partey a bit more freedom. He would represent a big upgrade on Elneny and provide competition for Xhaka. He is also a good age with a lot of potential - there is a reason so many clubs are interested in him!

I also disagree with the creativity point now that we are playing 4-2-3-1 - we have the players in the squad atm to create enough chances but I do hope we strengthen further with Buendia in the summer.

I would be happy for Bissouma to sit in front of the back four, alongside Partey and allow our creative players to do what they do best. It will also allow our full backs to attack, without leaving ourselves too open to the counter attack. Partey and Bissouma would be a beast of a midfield pivot - it has been a long time since we had two hard hitting central midfielders.

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Well I guess we found Arteta’s OA account.

He’s not well rounded enough. We already have a limited midfielder in Xhaka at the club. I’m not a fan of “beast midfields”, it’s too agricultural for me.


Good to see we’re getting our Bissoumness done early


Way cooler player than Elneny, Xhaka or Ceballos. He’s been really good everytime I’ve watched him this season and he was fantastic against us.

Honestly people really don’t think he’d improve us

Man this isn’t what he’s all about at all he’s actually very well rounded in attack and in defense, honestly some games he looks like a less flair, more hard grafting Pogba, in others you can see shades of Wijnaldum. He has really nice ball carrying close control too ala Dembele at Spurs.

He’s a little raw no doubt but coming from Brighton he’ll be eager to succeed and prove himself, he’s an interesting player and far more than just your typical run hard tackle hard archetype people seem to think he is.


The more youtube clips I see the more impressed. Reckon he’d be our best midfielder Partey included.

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Nah this isn’t it. There are plenty of players from lesser clubs I’d happily sign. I just don’t think Bissouma is what we need. And if he was, there are better options out there.

He’s a fine player, no offence to him. He probably is above Brighton level. But he’s not right for us IMO.


What don’t you like about him and who would you prefer in that position? He’s far more combative and aggressive than any of our midfielders winning way more tackles and interceptions than any of ours. His close control, dribbling and pace is top quality. He has a good range of passing.

Yeah, I’m not saying he is rubbish. Just don’t think he should be a priority. But in terms of other players like him, well even someone like Berge would be cheaper. Not that I want him either.

The player I keep hearing a lot about in that position is the guy from Lille. Soumaré? I haven’t watched him so I don’t know if he is any good. But fans rave about him.

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Bissouma is a fine player, but I don’t want Arteta to be given any money, let alone £30m.

And we have other needs.