Youri Tielemans

Poor wee Leicester :violin::violin::violin::violin:


They would be dumb for not accepting 85m for Fofana if that bid comes in

Leicester are in real trouble if they sell the players rumoured to be leaving and don’t replace them

Does anyone remember what they did with Drinkwater?
They left that shit late, signed a replacement (Adrien Silva from Sporting) and failed to register him in time, meaning they had to wait till January to actually use him.


Imagine being able to bring him on tonight to see out the game. He’s a starter, but him AND Xhaka is depth.

Hope we get this done.

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Anyone know how he played?

What do your friends tell you @DavidHillier ?

Haha, they understandably went a little quiet after the 86th min.

Full match report to come :wink:


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I think we will use Zinchenko in the midfield if we aren’t buying one

This rumor is dead. If anything, I can see United making a play for him. That midfield of McTominay and Fred shouldn’t be broadcast on tv before the watershed. Kids might be watching.


:laughing: love it

Twitter and a bunch of apps have Youri as MOTM.
Is that true? If so? Why Youri, why?

Do you expect us to know? :grin:

@DavidHillier sauces.

Yes, stellar game, apparently, and he hit the beans, too.

Okay, that’s a made up British saying.

No, no. It’s Cock-er-knee.

Beans on toast = post


Also a somewhat cruel and “of the times” nickname for Liverpool’s Tommy Smith. Though that’s according to one of football’s biggest BS merchants, Frank Worthington, so add salt to taste.

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