Young Talents


It actually looks like he really was trying to thread the needle like he did as opposed to a hit and hope that came good. Impressive delivery too - Cesc-like


Neves has a ridiculous passing highlight reel, not sure about the rest of his game but he’s a world class passer.

This is the same game.


He was always (and still is I believe) a Wonderkid on FM… not sure why we didn’t go for him as another option, although I guess he is a bit of a big fish in little pond at Wolves.


Will be interesting to see how he gets on in the PL , has been highly touted for a good while captaining Porto in the CL at what 18? Eventually couldn’t get a game for them which was strange.




Justin Kluivert isn’t extending his contract at Ajax (Mino Raiola at it again). He should be available around €15-20 million. Big talent.


Hasnt show. Enough. Overhyped imo. Get Martial pls.


I wouldn’t risk a player from Holland. They are overhyped.


To be fair. Raiola is not wrong. Ajax can keep him for another year of keep him with a clause. But they won’t agree with that either. Do they really care for his development?


I thought Ajax kicked that fat shit out?


I think he is working together with his current agent or took him on as agent.

I wouldn’t blame players too work with him anyway. Except for Barcelona, Real and Bayern he can get you at the big clubs. When you’re there you need to prove your worth.

To be honest I don’t think Kluivert has it in him to reach top 8 or 10 clubs in Europe anyway. If Raiola can bring him to a club like Roma or Lyon and he has a good career at that level he has done (very) good.


Eredivisie has become such a joke, players want to leave as soon as possible. Can’t blame them I guess. Awful level.


This kluivert dude is nothing special. The hype sorrounding him is unreal. Ajax produce these types of wingers all the time and he doesnt stand out at all.


Have to keep an eye on him


Lyon manage to produce/buy so many good young footballers. This guy looks insane for a left back!


We should buy him. French LB’s called Mendy are the in thing right now


Yeah we too should get our stocks of Mendies, Traores & Dembeles


Because that worked in the past :giroud:




Frenkie de Jong is wanted by Man Utd, Man City, Spurs and Barcelona, all wanting to go above 50 million for him.

Wish Arsenal would go for him, but we stand no chance :santi: