Young Talents


meh Xhaka is better :henry2:


He’s who I thought City were buying when I first read that they were buying “Danilo”.


Not paying complete attention to the Ajax game but the bits I’m catching, Roda look poo.

Find it difficult to take Kluivert & Neres serious as genuine first class talents despite what they look like because of the opposition they play against on a regular basis. Will take a very brave club to drop a significant fee on either of these guys.


Well Kluivert is 18 and looks to be one of the bigger talents to have come around in a while, don’t think it’s too much of a risk to buy him with the idea that it will take a few years of development to better competition. Neres no idea but it’s not like he’s too old either.







Posting because I remember someone on here mentioning him.







What’s perhaps more interesting to untangle is how good of a passer Ndombele is, because it’s all well and good to be a guy who progress play with his dribbling, but being a dual threat with both passing and dribbling is a rare thing to find in young midfielders. I think Ndombele is fine in this department; not necessarily brilliant and perhaps he looks a little clumsy at times, but it’s not a situation where he’s got cinder blocks for feet and the only thing he’s reduced to is simple passes. He can get passes into tight areas, though sometimes he puts a little too much mustard on them and leads to tough first touches for his teammates.


And to think we’ve splashed £47.70m on Lacazette when we could have had a couple of these gems for that kind of money (and not much bigger wages).

Hirving + Ndombele is surely a better combo than Auba, isn’t it? Considering Auba isn’t getting any younger …

But still, hindsight bias and all that.


I still think Laca will come good for us


What represents coming good for Laca at this point?

If we’re not selling him maybe 10+ league goals and 10+ in other comps as a back up?


I don’t see how he’ll get the opportunity to really


I like Laca a lot but Aubameyang is clearly levels above him. Honestly, we should just sell him and invest in someone much younger that’ll provide good cover and hopefully grow into being the #1 (or at least have some resale value).

Then we can better invest his wages into the first XI.


Maybe swap him for atleticos GK with a bit of cash, but those deals generally dont happen. Maybe invest in someone with potential like Crisitan Pavon.