Young Talents


What do you imagine he would cost? Plus, should a Draxler Lacazette Fekir front three be something to wish for? (I know no one has suggested these 3 as a unit, asking generally)


No, anything with Draxler will be frustrating





I liked the few times i saw him at Arsenal, shame we didnt keep him but glad he is doing well!


That’s very cool! Really liked him for the youths…thought after he moved to such a small club that he likely wouldn’t resurface but would be very cool to see him end up in a decent club, has a very nice style of play.


Did you have to copy paste all those tweet links or is there a fast way of doing it?


Copy & paste each link.





The first goal reminded me of Rosicky.


Was recently reading quotes by Lorenzo Callegari’s (psg player) agent and remembered Alec Georgen who is also unhappy. (Thread on why he’s unhappy here)

Think we can do with another FB/WB and Alec Georgen is super talented, one we should look at in January imo.


If he’s good enough for YouTube, he’s good enough for me.



Completed 9/9 dribbles from CB today against PSV


He is fast, but that defense was shambolic.


If I was him, I would be livid at the winger.



what the hell happened to him, paid £60m for him or someting like that (or was touted as a £60m player) and now isnt even the best player in a shit swansea team that is relegation fodder.