Young Talents


Made the move to a top club way too soon, if he had stayed in Portugal at least one season longer with regular football it would be different. He’s now stuck in a country he doesn’t speak the language, playing for a truly terrible team and clearly devoid of any confidence and swagger he was teeming with only a year ago.

But of course Mendes wanted to capitalise off of his European hype and bag that fee.

Would probably be for the best for him to go back home to Portugal and play regularly there out of the spot light and regain some confidence.


They were expecting a messi, he is too young and needs more time to develop his skills.


arsenal should look to buy Malang Sarr from Nice. He is a good ball playing centerback who is only 18. Last season he proved himself as Nice finished 3rd in ligue 1. He can play a rotating roll with monreal for the next few seasons and then completely take over once monreal loses his pace with age


Was good on FM a year or two ago. Picked him up.


Justin Kluivert is going to become a much better player than his father. What a talent.

David Neres having a great season too


Watching the Ajax game atm on Sky, both of them are so exciting.

ooohhhhh what a goal, class by Siem De Jong!!


Dolberg’s been a bit shit this season hasn’t he? Or is he doing OK?


Poor by his standards. Feeling the pressure from Huntelaar maybe.


He doesn’t get a look in at the Danish National team, probably for a reason. Another flash in the pan probably.


Do you think we should get him?


Wait whut? Think you’re being a bit unfair to the greatness of Patje Kluivert.


He is 20…


Was he great or good?


Great imo. I think he had too much too soon and that’s why his career sucked a bit.



Frenkie de Jong :pray:

An even bigger prospect than Vd Beek and De Ligt


Pretty decent list of French players…


Leon Bailey another interesting winger. Arsenal have no excuse whatsoever to sign at least one promising/exciting forward this summer.