Young Talents


that’s exactly what I imagined :smile:


lol, look at him, he almost looks pleased with himself doing it…then looks around as i to say ‘did anyone see what i did…what no one ahhhhh ok lets compose myself again’



That Xhaka mistake reminded me a little of this Koziello clip I saved.


Koziello can dribble in that position because isn’t a beast like Granit. Different structure, different strenghts and weaknesses.


I don’t think he’s comparing the two, cause that’s like expecting Giroud to do this

I’m gonna take a stab in the dark and say @Burgundy probably posted that link cause Koziello’s a young talent and that’s the kind of thing we should be expecting from our 6 in that situation.


Of course not, it just reminded me of a clip I had saved in my streamable of a young talent I like :joy:


You really need a career in talent acquisition.


Gonçalo Guedes. The best player in La Liga this season after Messi, he’s only 20 years old too.

Edit - Good piece by Graham Hunter on Guedes.


Didn’t PSG sign him?


Yeah, he’s on loan at Valencia


Yeah, he is on loan.
Can’t see him finding space at P.S.G. in the future though. We should get him.


Unfortunately, with him being as promising as he is, I can’t see PSG letting go of him. Guedes playing behind their front three is scary indeed.


Pastore (and Draxler) should leave PSG and go and be a star in Italy at Internazionale or AC Milan. Guedes will get his opportunities next year.


He wouldn’t have much playing time at P.S.G., unless they are gonna sell Cavani this summer and play Mbappè as CF.


PSG’s eventual line up will probably be Mbappe up top Neymar on one flank and him on the other.

He’s having an amazing season so far and Valencia are doing very well.


FTFY. :grin:


I have no hope whatsoever Pastore(, Draxler) or Fekir is coming here. If we’re going to sign an attacking midfielder from Franch we’re not signing someone from PSG or Lyon I think.


We signed players from Barca and Madrid. I don’t see why PSG would be any different.


I think there’s a good chance we could sign Draxler if we wanted him without having to pay over the odds, Fekir on the other hand would be very expensive (easily more than Lacazette).