You know what really grinds my gears?

only just gone and done it, the drink worked and also @Cristo’s like :slight_smile:


Yes mate! I knew my belief in you would pay off, but ultimately it was your belief in yourself that really made the difference


don’t forget the orange squash, must have had belief from your evian boy as well to really help me


That’s correct.

About the hair thing: Yeah, I’d be annoyed if the girl was deliberately flicking it in my face like some shampoo advert, but an accidental brush of it (not unlikely in a crowded train) wouldn’t trouble me to any great extent. Maybe that’s just me, though.

Bit odd that you’d start telling me about the wording of my own post when you’d just read a single sentence out of something that was several paragraphs long lol.

If you’d read it, you’d know it wasn’t just a single accidental brush, her hair was all over me for prolonged periods. Which is why it bothered me. I obviously understand how commuting works and how busy trains get, but you can ride busy trains and still be considerate and respectful of people’s personal space lol. For me, as a tall bloke, it means keeping my elbows tucked in when I’m sat, and not manspreading.

I don’t understand people who seem to think that because trains are busy you no longer have to have consideration for other people, or that you have to tolerate any old shit.


I fucking hate it when people do this. Nailed it completely.

When it’s crowded and you reshuffle just to get a bit more comfortable or whatever, and some cunt sees that millisecond you’ve moved as their golden opportunity to take up that space. Then if you accidentally brush up against them, they’ll turn their head around like you’ve just jizzed on their forehead. I might just jizz on your forehead so your reaction is fucking proportionate to the dirty look you just gave me. Fucking wanker

So many of these rude, selfish bastards on public transport in London.




I once bumped shoulders with a guy as we both entered the tube at the same time and he proceeded to roll his eyes and call me a dickhead as I went and sat down. Then, he proceeded to give me the evils for the next 30 minutes until I got off at which point I turned around as I was getting off and the doors were closing and stuck my tongue out at him :joy:


You really showed him.


In all seriousness, I think he did. I bet that guy was absolutely seething for the rest of his journey :joy:


True, it really isn’t that hard to get people riled up.


Especially if they already don’t like you haha

Especially weirdo Londoners on the tube.

Exhibits A-Z: this thread.

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You know what grinds my gears? Coming back from time off to an inbox with 300+ emails I have to respond to. Not including the 200+ spam, company notice, bullshit emails. I fucking detest email and I can’t write rules fast enough to deal with the new and inventive bullshit that shows up in my inbox.

And don’t ask me to explain technical processes in “lay men” term. You still won’t understand what I’m doing. Fucking marketing people are hopeless.


Then you spend time trying to get caught up on said emails get rid of the drossy spam shit etc…then managers come around and say ‘you havent done anything of note today get a move on’ FUCK OFF YOU SMARMY PRICK!!


When my 8 month old cat/ kitten decides he can’t be bothered going to urinate in his kitty litter tray once every month or so.

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was you 5 years old at the time?

28 :relieved:

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There are two typical, Essex finance bros sat opposite me on the train, they’re playing a game vs each other on their phones, which is fine. But one of them is chewing gum really loudly and it’s making me want to pierce my own fucking eardrums. I wonder if hypnosis or therapy can fix my hatred of eating and drinking noises, because it’s honestly overwhelming and I have no coping strategies.

They’re also sharing an air pod each and loudly listening to tinny house music, stopping occasionally for the drop to pull that stupid screw face that indicates they’re listening to a banger, and doing the occasional gunshot in the air to indicate the same thing.

They’ve also referred to something or someone as being “peng” several times. Give it a rest you try hard cunts, I was saying that word about fifteen years ago in year nine and it got dropped soon after.

I don’t know what I’d do without this thread and those of you who legitimise my petty nature. Much love to all of those who do.


Bare peng bruv