You know what really grinds my gears?


I do however it shouldn’t be a problem if they weren’t lazy and learnt manners


Tinnitus. Fuck you Tinnitus!


Your upbringing, environment, and past experiences are different from the majority of the world, you are an intelligent guy, you know that. So you are very fortunate to live in a true melting pot. You and I grew up in very similar environments tbh, and I’ve always been very tolerant of every race, creed, religion, however you really don’t get a good idea of what is really going in in the world until you live in an area of the world that is segregated, as I think most parts of the world are. I lived in Japan for about 6 months. Shit is different. Everyone is the same race, speak the same language, they don’t have to tolerate anyone but their own people, plus anyone that’s an outsider is definitely only known through how the stereotypes unfortunately. Japanese people are hella secluded, many of them don’t even speak English.

I don’t believe my gf was actually racist, racist tendencies maybe, like I said it’s not always so black and white. I mean if you really want to get into the semantics of what racist means I don’t really think she was racist. She didn’t think one race was superior to another. She had friends of all races. She would make some strange comments from time to time, as i’ve already given an example of. She didn’t really understand the way different races interact because she was from a spot that you don’t really have to learn to interact with different races. Jakey I think it would do you a lot of good to be a bit more empathetic from time to time.


Holy shit- gone a bit mental in here.

Just wanted to clarify a few bits because some people are countering points which were never really made- namely this shaming business. My sole issue is that I find it distasteful to dislike someone because they’re overweight.

This all started after a comment was made stating a dislike for Adele because she’s “a whale” (completely ignoring her talent, character, success etc). Being fairly ambivalent towards Adele, as far as I’m concerned people can call her a whale all they want, but again… not liking someone because of that fact alone is pretty cuntish IMO.

The whole ‘overweight automatically equals bad/ lazy’ simply isn’t true (please remember, this assertion was made towards Adele, not someone getting in your way at the station or supermarket- that came after) and that message is hugely damaging to young people especially in the internet age- ‘I can be devoid of character/ fortitude/ morals etc, but I must not be fat or people won’t like me.’

A common question asked of people with eating disorders, in the hope of gaining some perspective, is “would you like your best friend any less if they put on weight?” This is obviously designed to lead them to prove the point that weight shouldn’t matter, and up until yesterday I took it for granted that everyone would answer ‘no.’ I honestly find it quite shocking to discover that some out there would happily admit they would answer ‘yes.’ So, IMO they are being small minded. Can’t see the controversy tbh, but this is interlull.

I’m done.


Being obese has serious health implications, so no I wouldn’t sit idly by and say nothing.

If they became morbidly obese again, I would be going out of my way to help them, not pat them on the back and say its fine to be curvy.


Again, Adele.

I really am done now.


Grab a coffee. :slight_smile:


Yep. Young people are impressionable. When I was younger I did a lot of dancing and cheerleading. We were told to watch what we ate and told that we’d be no good if we were “fat”. That fat people were basically not people - those were not the exact words used but the message was very clear. Because of that I was terrified to even put as much as a pound on and had an eating disorder throughout my teens. I honestly believed that no one would like me if I put on even a tiny bit of weight.

By all means encourage healthy living and exercise. But being cruel and dismissive of larger people is not at all productive.


Reminds me of this…


My Adele comment was light hearted banter, I’ve never liked her and I stated why because her music is shit, I decided to insult her weight because she comes across as arrogant to me, but she hasn’t earnt the right to have arrogance. I would like fat people to get help, but I can’t relate to their problems as I workout and it feels great, makes me feel confident. I can’t imagine being settled for having a higher risk of heart disease and being static


I have recently got control of weight issues I’ve had all my life. At my heaviest I was 19 Stone and I’m now 11. I’ve probably lost and put back on 70 stone in all my time watching what I was eating and then slipping back into old habits.

I can’t even begin to describe the amount of ways I would self sabotage when it came to food (still do it , just not as regularly anymore).

And I’ve worked out all my life too. I cycled to and from work whenever it was plausible (I had to travel 50miles to work for 3+ years which is when I got to my heaviest).

Now I do slimming world and I even sought counselling to get to the bottom of some deeply buried issues that are the root cause of why food is a crutch I lean on so often.

I don’t expect someone who hasn’t had these issues to understand them, I guess to you food is fuel and that’s great but when you look at someone who is overweight and just think “look at that lazy fuck” I can categorically say, from personal experience, there is often more to it than that.


People that bring their bike on to morning peak hour trains.


That’s good for you that you took the initiative and lost the weight




I didn’t take any initiative, I didn’t wake up one morning and decide I was tired of being overweight and today was the day I would do something about ir.

I’d been doing lots of the right things all my life but unfortunately doing lots of wrong things too. There wasn’t a lightbulb moment where it all came together and I instantly started shedding the weight. It’s a process I’m still working my way through and while I probably wouldn’t have got here without taking the steps I did it wasn’t for the lack of trying in the past.


Keep hating on the fatties. More BBW’s for me :slight_smile:


Good on ya, shammy.

You know what, I’m well into my senior years, been over 17 stone all of my adult life (built that way), and never been into the fitness thing. Foodwise, I eat everything in moderation, I’m not one to overindulge in anything, and I don’t suffer from any ailments.

Okay, I’ll accept I’ve been fortunate and I have great empathy for those who are not so lucky. A few friends of mine, and a number of others I’ve heard of who have ‘done the right things’, have contracted this, that and the other and have passed away at relatively young ages - forties, fifties, etc.

So, before these holier-than-thou fatty haters get too carried away, just hope you have good genes and good luck. They account for a lot more than you might think.


I’m in my later twenties and already my metabolism is flipping me off something rotten. I go to the gym throughout the week to maintain my weekend indulgences :smile: Dad bod ftw.

Anyway, nobbers that jump the queue in traffic and slip past you on the “turn right” lane. Tossers.


Tbh it’s definitely preferable that my best friend doesn’t put on weight. The implication of that “preferability” is that the answer to that question is yes, even if it’s not the politically correct thing to say, even if the design of the question is made to make you feel like Goebbels for saying yes.


No. The design of the question is to help kids with eating disorders put into perspective the fact that anyone who answers ‘yes’ is not worth considering a friend.

Btw your answer reminded me of that bit in Shrek where Pinocchio is trying to avoid lying- raised a welcome smile in an otherwise fairly depressing exchange.