You know what really grinds my gears?



You dated a racist? :open_mouth:


It was @AbouCuellar wasn’t it? :thinking: :giroud3:

You big gay bears.


Thanks for expanding on what I just said. The differing opinions are very interesting.

Btw no offense Jakey but the vibe I get from you is that you are stuck in a bubble man, and you’ve sheltered yourself from the real world. You need to get out more, mingle with different types of people and cultures. This is coming from me, and I honestly don’t know you or who you socialize with or where you travel, so it’s just a hunch. Especially the whole racist gf thing. Sometimes stuff like that isn’t always so black and white. Something like that is engrained in a persons culture and upbringing. Not saying that outlook is correct but for them it’s the way a person was raised and nurtured. You might get a better idea of that if you get around to some other countries and meet some other cultures and converse instead of being in your little PC, safe space bubble a lot of people create for themselves. Maybe I’m wrong but it’s kind of the perception you throw out there.

@Persona yeah, we even had matching maga hats :grin:!!!

For clarification on the racist gf thing for anyone who wants to know the story, I dated a Japanese girl for 3 years. Japanese people are pretty racist as I came to discover. Mostly against other asians, but bring them out to california and throw them in an environment with basically every race and it becomes a bit more pronounced. She even called an acquaintance of mine, who happened to be mexican, a “burrito” :grinning:


Starting to think your ex was @Luca_from_Italy now…


If Luca was that fine I’d be omw to take him on a fancy date for some roasted chicken right now :heart_eyes:


Btw, burrito. I dunno if I’m allowed to but I IRL lol’d. :joy:


^^^ nah man it was pretty fucking hilarious. He retaliated with, “oh yeh well ur Sushi” thinking back on it, it was a total Luca insult which was just stupid but lol anyways :joy:


He sounds like a cheap date and doesn’t need anything fancy.
Something from what he calls a “fry shop” should be enough.


I’ve grown up in East London and basically lived there all my life. There were like 40 plus different languages in the secondary school I went to, I’ve got people of a multitude of different countries living on my street and I’ve got a varied group of friends from all sorts of backgrounds (in terms of race, class, wealth, religion). The repeated notion that I need to mix with different types of people and cultures is miles off. But you dont know me at all so I don’t expect you to know any of that. You can disagree with me on how PC I am but the above is just inaccurate.

You said a woman you dated was one of the most racist people you’ve known, so you dated a racist for three years and I think that says something about you as a person. I accept that that can come from a person’s upbringing but most people I know wouldn’t choose to spend 3 years of their life with a person like that. And it means that I don’t value your opinion about what constitutes an appropriate level of political correctness. I’m not making a big deal out of it in particular, but if you start talking about race or political correctness it immediately comes to my mind.


Sure, that doesn’t change my point that if you’re going to be discriminative towards any group of people (obviously better not to be discriminative at all), fat people is probably the best you could choose.

Is it? Shaming was much worse for centuries and centuries for all kinds of things, it’s just information spreads at exponentially faster rates these days and we’re more aware of the adverse effects of damaging types of information. But your mates daughter didn’t starve herself ONLY because of the nature of information spread, she also did because she no doubt is overly sensitive/has some type of body dysmorphic disorder, which no doubt has existed long before we had a name for it.

Of course not, I didn’t say that. I said in terms of heuristics that we use to make blanket judgment of large groups of people, judging fat people is probably the least unfair one we do.

The thread is called “You know what really grinds my gears” and she said “whales are generally frustrating because of the space they take up and how slow they are”. It’s hardly a terribly serious thread and her comment was nothing more than an anecdote. It’s fine to get frustrated by fat people getting in your way (or sitting next to you on a flight)…fat shaming is another thing but then she didn’t say “and because of this, I actively engage in fat shaming”, did she? :slight_smile:

Ah, the classic, “but, but, I have gay/black friends!”

Just kidding, actually totally agree with your second paragraph haha, but couldn’t resist. :grimacing:


Haha, would be better of I was using that as evidence of not being racist but made me chuckle nonetheless :grin:


would you agree that it’s genrelly the People of low culture and low intelegence in society that are sexist and racist, at least openly?


Alright you classist.


From personal experience I see fat people taking ages to walk a supermarket isle wheres I can fly down an isle. They stagger and it’s uncomfortable to watch. It’s not about ‘fat shaming’ I wish they were encouraged to not live a poor lifestyle and to not be lazy. I’m short so it’s difficult to surpass them in compact isles as they just smother you


What supermarkets are you going to? You could fit two actual elephants down the aisles of my local Tesco.


Tesco. But isles become crowded when people stop, I can make my way through an isle of skinny people but fat take up more space and seem to be ruder, so it’s a small mentality from them


I refuse to believe this is a real post/problem. :joy::joy:


Katie Hopkins would be proud of this thread :joy:

Honestly I don’t understand the obsession with other people’s lifestyle. I have enough problems and imperfections of my own to add more worry to my life haha


Why not? Not an everyday problem but it does happen


It’s not an any day problem in reality. Just say excuse me and get on with your day.