You know what really grinds my gears?


If you like your friend less if they put on weight, then really, you’re a bit of a cunt.


I mean, it depends on how much weight. I certainly wouldn’t want my best friend to become obese, because that would have negative practical consequences for our relationship. We wouldn’t be on the same footing with women, he might develop self-esteem problems, he might not want to eat at certain places/certain things, he might want to go out less, etc.

In short, it’s clearly better that he doesn’t put on (serious) weight.

What nonsense. Anyone who answers yes is if anything just more honest and self-aware/cognisant of how our psychology works, which are qualities I want in a friend.


I think most people are aware of the psychology of a narcissist.


Let’s put it this way, if you tell someone at the birth of their child: you can either have a baby that will turn out to be fat, or fit.

Will anyone choose the former?

No; this reveals a preference. A preference reveals a ‘like’. We prefer/like for people to be fit.

You can wrap it up in snowflakery, SJWism, and political correctness for the sake of not stepping on anyone’s delicate toes all you like, but the fact is that.


We prefer people to be fit, but don’t like them any less if they’re not.

Unless you’re a self absorbed cunt.


but you are going on preferences, a lot of people would PREFER not to be overweight. You do know things happen outside of peoples control, there are such things as glandular problems, especially thyroid problems and hormonal balances.


My “preference” is to marry Ryan Gosling, but I’ll be happy enough if I don’t.


Behind preferences there are likes.

Of course we like them a little bit less (unless you have self-esteem issues yourself, or are perhaps fat yourself, or envious of your friend, and them gaining weight actually is convenient for you); the natural response is to like that friend a little less (even if it’s just a smidgeon, or barely negligible amount) if they put on weight. Most won’t be conscious of this of course, and if they are won’t admit it to themselves or dress it up in something, because society quickly teaches us to feel like BAD BAD BAD! boys and girls for our most basic psychological responses. So quickly that if you give that question to any 10 year old they’ll immediately say no, even if it’s not the truth.

Absolutely. Behind my rhetoric there is not some kind of fat hating or belief that all–or even the majority of–fat people are dumb, lazy fucks. I’m just telling it like it is, bruh. :cool:

This is a statement about the relationship between expectations and happiness. Not sure what it has to do with this conversation, my asian friend.


Be careful not to cut yourself on all that edge




Imagine a person like him being in your social circle :stuck_out_tongue:


I’d be willing to put on 8 stone to avoid it


makes you wonder with all those ideals and thoughts on what is ‘correct’ how perfect AC must be, must be pretty damn difficult to live up to those saintly lofty standards.



Interesting. The consequences of your hypothetical friend putting on weight seem to revolve around how it would affect you. Obviously you dressed it up as how it would affect your relationship but its tantamount to the same thing. As touching as it is that you admit that he might have self esteem problems, the way you effortlessly move onto your subsequent points leads me to suspect that your concern revolves more around how it would impact your social activities than their own mental well-being.

On that note, I’ve read a few comments intimating that there’s some kind of charitable concern for a fatter firend’s health which somehow justifies such a stance. I therefore ask, what if your friend became ill? I’m not talking about whether being fat is an illness- forget fat for a second. What if they were badly burned, or had a spinal injury? Of course, it’s preferable that they didn’t, but the impacts upon your relationship would be virtually identical, so by your own logic, you would like them less.

I’ve refrained from saying this so far, but seeing as @Jules already said it and it was pretty much my first reaction to a few of your posts here, that makes you a bit of a cunt.


Classic narcissistic traits.


Indeed. Even if just a smidgeon. It’s inevitable you end up liking less the friends you have less fun with, however unfair life has been to them/the reasons you have less fun with them.

We’re all selfish beings in the end, some are just better at believing they’re not. There’s a reason why in basic introductory psychology courses they often pose the question: does altruism exist?

As I am someone who believes that all human behaviour/thought ultimately can be reduced to our physiology/psychology, you can imagine where I come down on that question. :wink:

Classic sign of a self-deceiving narcissist, go around calling other people narcissists on the internet. :wink:


Wow, you honestly believe that? I get that in a life or death situation it probably holds true but that’s not what we’re talking about here. Going through life accepting that your friends would like you less if something terrible happened to you must be horrible. Deny it up all you want, but the rest of us just aren’t like you.


There are much more horrible things about human existence tbh. Much more horrible is to imagine that the world as I know it ends and I am reduced to nothingness should I ingest something toxic by accident, or should a terrorist decide to run a car down the street I’m on. That’s just the obvious example. But I can think of a hundred basic facts of life more anguishing than that one, tbh.

And you are, you just haven’t realised it yet. MWAHAHAHAHA


Actually no it isn’t what you just did with this shows you are more of the narcissist see how you deflect and put back on someone else saying they are the narcissist that is definitely a trait. Plus a Narcissist is self serving which you seem to be but Jules said you were a cunt for your comments as regards how you percieve people should be and the standards that needs to be set as regards your relationships and friendships.