You know what really grinds my gears?

I was in Leigh-on-Sea last night for a minibpub crawl. Nice area the Essex Riviera

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Hate idiots who drive a newer Kia, Toyota, Hyundai or VW equipped with DRL lights. Their censors are crap and the driver should know this, but they have no idea about it. Just turn the fucking lights on!
They don’t get why drivers behind them flash their lights either. Driving behind these idiots in pouring rain is dangerous.

Getting tossed from sporting venues for simply supporting my side, with the odd banter comment thrown in.

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People with old school mentalities at work.

When you’re in a team and have the same objective, there surely has to be an open mind towards communication and an exchange of opinion/ideas.

Unfortunately some people are insanely stubborn and never consider anyones opinion other than their own even when everyone can see it’s clearly a flawed, unsustainable and damaging approach.

The best teams I’ve worked in talk to each other every step of the way and I’m currently in one where power trips have got to peoples heads.

When this kind of stuff impacts the teams progress and quality of work, I genuinely can’t see any worthwhile reason to stand by and not at least question it. And I’m glad I’m the type to never let this nonsense go down without speaking up.

Essex boy in the vaguest sense haha. Albeit I’m from West Essex!

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Would that be the same area Parlour and Adams are from?

Same town as Hoddle mate so the wrong team haha

That’s almost Hertfordshire. :grinning:

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Film trailers that give away the entire plot. Netflix Originals seem particularly bad for this. There is some great stuff on Netflix but it’s best to dodge the full trailers and dive straight in

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LOL! Harlow? That’s almost hell. :slight_smile:

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Almost is doing it justice tbh

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But it is better than Basildon…just. :grinning:

Just sprung to mind while I saw the cricket on TV and someone in the crowd opened a fat umbrella which probably impeded the vision of everyone a good 3-4 rows behind him.

Wankers at the football that like to stand up at every half event which keeps obstructing your view.

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I try to never be inconvenient or inconsiderate to others, so if everyone is sat I’d definitely do the same, but football is to be viewed standing up in my opinion. If I had my way I’d be stood up for the full ninety.

Fucking gutted I never got to see terracing in top level football, it’s probably my favourite thing about going to see AFC Wimbledon.

Come Celtic M8 they got safe standing now

Ah, loved the North Bank. Plenty of crush barriers, and less nutters about, too.


It was great standing in the North Bank, especially if you got there early and got to stand behind the walkway. which meant no one was standing in front of you.
Not so great at the Clock End.
No roof and it wasn’t as steep so the view wasn’t as good and also the problem of getting stuff thrown at you by the away supporters.


Right now, Twitter.

I usually take the unorthodox position as a lefty on Twitter calling out the left for it’s identity politics and swiftness to play the race / fascist card etc, but yesterday, despite having few followers I called out Ron Liddle for being a racist cunt and the abuse I got - 61 fucking comments - blew me away. Like they literally think NOTHING is racist. You can’t win. I can see why THEY DO call out everything as racist because these are the twats you’re up against. Depressing.

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Biting your tongue. Surely one of the biggest pains known to man. As you never expect it which makes it worse and you are left with a sore tongue that maybe will blister. :slightly_frowning_face:

Just done it there thinking it was my baguette I was biting into ffs!


Right up there with stubbing your toe, stepping on plugs and whacking your elbow on something. Modern day crucifixion