You know what really grinds my gears?


I hate lunch time at my job. We are between 25-30 ppl there every day and most of the others bring left overs, or some packaged food from the shop, that they can heat up in the microwave oven. In other words a complete and warm meal. I mostly just bring a sandwich or something lighter, because we have lunch at 1 and then I go straight home at 5 to make/eat dinner. Two hot meals within 4-5 hours is to much for me. And every fucking time I sit down at the table I get comments like “is that all your gonna eat? How can you go a whole day without eating more?” Usually it’s followed by someone offering me some “real” food. Now I just go straight to the other room instead, a lounge with comfy arm chairs where we all end up sitting half asleep with our mobiles for the remainder of the break. Atleast I get 10 minutes of silence for myself without comments on my eating habits before the rest turn up.

Swedes are ridiculously obsessed about eating a sturdy lunch. It must be the English in me but I don’t need a full plate of steaming hot beef, potatoes and vegetables at noon each day. Just something light to keep me going. When I’m free I never even need lunch! My wife on the other hand turns into a monster if she doesn’t get a cooked meal at noon. On the rare occasion I do eat “real” food on my lunch I don’t need dinner later that day.

So I wish I could say “just stfu and eat your lunch! I’ve been working here for 8 years and I’m not dead yet so obviously I know what eating habits works for my body”.


Same here all I want at lunch is a bit of fruit and a small wrap or baguette hah


Yeah I’m a Sanga lunch type person, with a hot main meal at dinner time.


Maybe don’t eat at your desk?


Maybe he wants to?


Maybe it’s gross to listen/smell someone eating when you’re trying to work?


Is this Australian slang for a sandwich? :laughing:


A lot of people do it. Don’t see the problem here unless the person is just a moaning prick tbh


Same. Always hated office jobs, particularly open plan offices :grimacing: which were typical of my previous career before I changed up


Ah, backhanded insults. Nice.


Oh, sanga . :wenger2:


Not sure if your AC or Mysty with all these awful puns mysty


If I’m slurping on a pho, or chomping on a doner kebab - you won’t see me at my desk. Rest assured


Nailed it girl :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:.


Wasn’t meaning you btw was just in general speaking :+1:


Too late to backtrack now. You’re on the list. :bellerin:


Along with people who eat at their desks? Not bad company tbf


How about when someone heats up their leftover fish in the break room and leaves the entire office smelling like the ocean :joy::joy:


Belarus cocky farmers.


Getting blocked on twitter. Yes much like here all I’m doing is dropping truth bombs with an element of colorful language and emoji play lelelel :joy::joy:. Ppl who block others just want to build that echo chamber and live in a fantasy world where everyone is agreeable. Sad imho :expressionless::expressionless: