You know what really grinds my gears?


Yea. Mute is much better in fairness :slight_smile:


Perhaps they just found you to be fucking annoying and decided that life is too short to spend it reading the childishly expressed opinions of someone they find annoying.

Or maybe you’re right and they just couldn’t handle your truthbombs lelelelelelelelelel


Lulululul no shit :joy::joy: that’s the fun part.


Your trolling is defo an acquired taste. I’m of the type just to make a Twitter account to follow you :sweat_smile:


Being blocked on whatsapp is the one.

“Why can’t I see a picture any more? Where’s the online status gone? Why am I only getting one grey tick instead of 2 blue ticks?”


Lol whats app blocking is brutal cuz don’t u have to have some type of already established friendship to be communicating through that medium? Twitter is an open forum so I don’t get offended it’s more like a badge of honor cuz I won :grin::grin::grin:

Noooo, I’m embarrassed I don’t talk about Arsenal on twitter I’m part of a different fandom there. You snooty football types would think ur superior and make fun of us.


image image image image image

I can’t tell you guys apart anymore and it’s eating me alive.


The latter one is from the West Midlands :face_with_raised_eyebrow:





We can at least, fix @Arsenal4thetreble avatar for something more currently relevant and suited to him :grin:





Trebs had the best one tbh. No idea why you changed it mysty


What a glorious set of avatars.


Lol jerk :joy::joy:


When the laziest prick in work comes in drinking a can of that energy drink Monster and does next to nothing as usual.


What are all these jobs I keep hearing about where people can get away with not doing any work and not get fired and how do I get one?


Dunno about anyone else but I’m a senior manager in the civil service. :sunglasses:


You have to be prepared to dump on your workmates and your qualified. Takes a certain sort of cunt. Unfortunately im the wrong sort.


You find them in big companies, with big budgets and no accountability ,they usually show up during meetings.


You find them in publishing companies. At the magazine I worked at some people just rocked up when they felt like it, then went to the canteen for breakfast before a gossip session with their mates. Oh and then it’s lunchtime.