You know what really grinds my gears?


Exactly, I don’t mind it at any other time. It’s just the 15-20 mins I want to myself!


It’s the same as when you go out to eat and the waiting staff always do some sort of check back when you’ve got your chops full of fucking food, bastards :sweat_smile:


Usually happens to me when im reading a book. Total ignorance that.


I’m ok there, I’m in a job where office perception of what I do is that I’m flat out busy when it’s the total opposite. 85% of my job is reading books on my kindle. To others who walk past my screen - looks like any other pdf file I may read.


Kinda like when you have your mouth full and someone talks to you. What is it with some people that they have nothing to say to you at all but as soon as you start watching a film or program or listening to anything that interests you and straight away verbal diahorrea…why do they insist on talking when you are trying to listen to something but never have anything to say otherwise. Surely they are doing it to take the piss?


This is why I used to hate eating lunch at my desk. If you’re at your desk then you’re seen as being available for work. And whoever interrupted would always say “sorry, am I disturbing your lunch?” In my head i’m like “You can damn well see you bloody are!” But the Britishness comes out and instead I say, “oh no, it’s fine” :roll_eyes:


This is why you go out to your car and eat lunch like a misanthropic loner.


Stupid question, but is there not a canteen or something for those who work in offices to go and eat lunch there instead? Or lack of time to go elsewhere and just easier to stick around by the desks? During a lunch break I’m not sure I’d wanna hang around the workspace for eating anyways.


Yeah we had a canteen which I sometimes used, but if I was planning on going outside it was easier and quicker to eat the lunch i’d brought in at my desk beforehand rather than spend 3 hours waiting for one of the prehistoric lifts to take me to the top floor


I don’t even know where the canteen is and I’ve been there since August 2017 haha.

I just buy my lunch at Morrisons on the way there and eat it at my desk browsing my phone


In Sainsbury’s they have this orange juice labelled “never from concentrate”. Not just “not from concentrate”, but never from concentrate, as if it’s some kind of moral stand that we, the mighty Sainsbury’s, shall never stoop to the lows of producing such low grade shite from concentrate.

Except they stick it right next to their own brand “from concentrate” shit.

Fucks me off every single week.


Browsing your phone? In the workplace?

Fucking hell don’t get yourself fired mate.


No, you’re right, I actually do take my full hour out the office. It’s just that it feels more acceptable to browse the net for leisurely use if you’re eating your lunch at the time.

In truth it’s prob a psychological thing that nobody really cares about haha.


Stick headphones in during lunch. 90% of the time not playing anything :hugs:


So glad I have an outdoors job and I’m not stuck eating lunch at a desk in corporate office day in day out.


Break times are generally just awkward with co-workers, unless you’re with someone you get on with or have things to talk about. Then it’s bloody awful when you’re stuck with someone you don’t know what to talk about and have to make the most pointless small talk, or hear them blittering on about stuff no one gives a damn about.

In general I can’t deal with small talk. Sure you got to make the odd polite conversation, but let’s keep it brief and move on. If there’s a large group of people and the general topics are boring or have no interest to me, after a while I’ll generally distreetly just dip out, go off and do something more interesting or productive.


We have it in our office, otherwise it would be hell, as our office is very small.


I hate small talk, so i’m glad i’ve been fortunate enough to have coworkers with whom i share a lot of similar interests, makes lunch breaks, after work drinks or just daily work more bearable/pleasant.


I’m lucky in that my team are actually good fun and quite young so talking them is really good.

It’s just the actual function that makes we want to kill my self, so it’s a good thing I’m moving team in a few weeks.


Same here, got a great team who I get on well with. Probably too well which lead to too many midweek hangovers.

Funny enough my colleague in my above post is a very close friend of mine, it’s just that trait about her I can’t take.