You know what really grinds my gears?


I make jokes by way of peace offerings :slightly_smiling_face:


all the years I’ve known Jakey he’s been that way :slight_smile:


Then my ambition is to accrue enough peace offerings to turn you into Ron Liddle. :slight_smile:


Me being a dickhead. Everytime I buy a sandwich in work and bottle of water for break. Paying about twenty quid a week when ive got these things in the house.
Just a lazy prick at times.


Lol, do this aswell but I’ve barely made a sandwich in life to be arsed :slightly_smiling_face:


I meal prep my dinners/lunches a few times a week. For example, if I make a chilli, it yields about 5 portions. I get a dinner out of it plus a lunch or two. Saves money and quelles the desire to go into a fast food place or buying a £3-5 lunch most days.

My peeve today is why do radio shows think (emphasised) laughing and gags in the morning are a good way to start the day? I love Absolute Radio 90’s but Dave Berry is just insufferable in the mornings. Forced laughter and positivity in voice cranked waaay up make for some unsettling commutes.

I’ve found refuge at the old farts corner and have a fondness for Gold in the mornings now :sunglasses:


Twats that cross the road when it’s a red man at a cross road. It’s green for me, I want to turn down that road, but noo, they take a leisurely stroll across the road, you give them a little beep because you’re turning down aforementioned road, they look at you and carry on strolling across. Wankers.


Old people do this a LOT. I cant count how many times i have seen an old lady/man just put their heads down and walk across a road as if to say ‘well i will just stroll along and these cars should stop for me because surely they should see me and i need to get to where i am going IDGAF’


I’ve witnessed quite a few moody school kids doing this to be fair. Absolutely no respect.


Snow. Particularly cos I have no co-ordination or balance so I easily slip


Car crime resulting in people being maimed not being seen as the same as other crime. The leniency on sentences is fucking insulting to victims and familys far to often.


This really grinds my gears.

I was going through recommendations on books for IA & UX.
Found a good list.

One good thing about educational forums is that people only care about knowledge & work. Great thing about knowledge is that it doesn’t bullshit you into needless distraction - no identity politics, no ideological agenda, no skin color, no geographical prejudice - just pure information.

But then we have this

This sort of forcedful inclusivity, deliberate nitpicking, misplaced oppression is an uncalled attempt to spoil someone’s work.

Just let your work speak for you, not your genitals or skin.
If a book written by women/trans/brown/black person is awesome, it would make it.


People who cram themselves onto a packed train during rush hour and then can’t be bothered to take their backpack off


The worst are the bike cunts.

Oh you wanna ride, but just not all the way. Cunts.


Just push them that’s what I do. Then when they turn around tell them to take it off and they always oblige


Haha yeah, that’s exactly what I do. In fact, it might be a bit petty of me but sometimes I’ll intentionally just bump into their bag back and forth just to give the hint.


Hate to stereotype by looks (I’m going to anyway) but her profile picture is exactly the kind of person I’d expect to be choosing to get too offended by this kinda thing.


My colleague at work who always fancies swivelling over to me while I’m eating my lunch to have a full blown chit-chat.

She’s lovely but seriously?!?!?! when I’m chewing on a mouthful of salt-beef?! You’d think it would be as uncomfortable for her as it is for me!!!

The worst bit is half way through the chat she’ll go ‘Oooooo what you got for lunch today???’


She wants you to eat her salt beef :eyes:


Honestly hate people ruining my lunch like that. They have all day to speak and talk bollocks, but for the short segment of time, I like to wind away from work related stuff/colleagues and just read or catch up on my own stuff.