You know what really grinds my gears?


People who use the phrase “we’ll just have to suck it and see” to determine an outcome that they don’t yet know.

Where on earth has that come from? Why not “we’ll just have to wait and see?”. Odd.


Well, sometimes you just have to suck a dick and see what happens, amirite? #nohomo


I’ve always assumed it’s some sort old school, earlyish twentieth century phrase to do with some sort of boiled sweet. A sweet whose flavour isn’t clear, until you give it a good suck that is.

But that’s a total assumption, I actually have no solid idea, but that just seems to make sense to me


That fucking Mariah Carey xmas record. Ffs roll on Boxing day.


Yeah, it’s one of the beauties of ‘colour’ or ‘turn of phrase’ in the English language. I don’t think other languages have those.


Bellends who immediately put their rear fog lamps on at night when there’s a bit of rain. Yes, I can see you, but fuck all else you dazzley, brake light masking bastards.

Also, drivers who pull up on the (often wrong) side of the road and leave their headlights on making it utterly impossible for oncoming cars to tell what the fuck they’re up to. I nearly ran some prick down who did this and had his door open into the road. Should’ve Darwin’d the cunt.





Motorbikes. The sound of those things at full speed when you’re outside minding your own business is just :face_vomiting:


Oh GG, you have noooo idea. I have several neighbors who have Harley’s with straight pipes (no silencer/muffler). Sounds like an elephant farting into megaphone. Harley’s are a plague. I can live with literally any other type of motorcycle, fuck Harleys.



Mysty constantly editing posts from 2016 and 2017 and giving me tons of fake notifications. I had four when I came on here this morning. STOPPPP :joy::joy:


Fucking Harleys - toys for the testosterone challenged. Even when they’re idling they sound like a handful of bolts rattling around in a tin bucket.


Not being able to work out the day of the week because of the holidays. Not getting my overtime payments and shift allowance because payroll staff get a longer holiday.


Those shitty motocross looking bikes are the ones that piss me off. The loudest fucking thing in human existence. You can’t even have a conversation in your own fucking house when it drives past because its that fucking loud. Bet half those cunts are deaf by 40, and deservedly so. Wankers.


You think that is bad…imagine being surrounded by fucking chav Tweenies on their fucking moped sewing machines revving the fuck outta them. The sound is so aggravating you see them yanking at the throttle on their handlebars like they are some sorta biker God and all you hear is that shitty little tinny fart in a can sound. I wanna kick them off the fucking things and smash the moped into pieces with a sledgehammer!


Fucking woman next to me on the bus eating this foul smelling kebab, finishes and just drops the carton on the floor by my feet.

@Dr_Strangepass I was wrong, sometimes there is a genuine reason to hit a woman



Just so you eating observation-o-phobes can enjoy this together


it’s a sign that she likes you


You utter cunt lol.