You know what really grinds my gears?


Keep an eye on your DMs, I’ll be sliding in later with a photo


I’m such a bad boy, I chilled at home in my jeans today. I’m going to bed and I still haven’t taken them bad boys off. :sunglasses:


If you sleep in those jeans you’re an animal


I took them off. That was really sad.


Not so much grinds my gears… but I just have to wonder about people who bitch obsessively about men wearing flip flops or shorts. Maybe take the stick out of your ass and relax.


Jeez, ain’t nobody wearing flip-flops or shorts around here at this time of year. Though I did see some nutcase out in a t-shirt today.


How can someone relax while wearing jeans, JEANS HAVE NO GIVE


You mean the ass right? Right?


Guys with good ass don’t exist :slightly_smiling_face:


Consultants. Or much more pointedly consultancy agencies.

I work in a Government dept and for the last 5 years have been involved in projects that are heavily reliant on consultants. I got promoted this year and today the invite for the “Christmas lunch” came my direction. Apparently it’s an annual tradition but not one I was worthy of inclusion in up until now.

I really place no value on the invite and am very reluctant to accept because I don’t feel like I should be getting brought to lunch anyway, but especially not because I just happen to have reached the right level. Everything about the invite fucks me off to be honest but it also feels a bit like I’m just being a crank. This is simply the way this world works I guess…


You’ve never met an ice hockey player then


How do you know? They’re usually covered in that protective gear. But if that’s true I’ll pay more attention to ice hockey :eyes:


Because I play ice hockey…


That’s cool, invite me to one of your games and I’ll fangirl you :slightly_smiling_face:


@Gio You can show off your puck :xhaka2:


Mysty is that even a pun mate? :joy:


Was meant to be more of an innuendo :sweat_smile:

A Gio/GG date involving Ice Hockey, could be a real ice breaker…


Where’s @AbouCuellar when you need some real pun appreciation


Hey, and no high-sticking or unsportsmanlike conduct.


5 minutes for roughing…

@GunnerGirl sure but I’m in Yorkshire so I mean, just round the corner for you right?