You know what really grinds my gears?


Your heating bill must be crippling :joy:


Was thinking more shrivelling and unflattering :joy: :eyes:


I can absolutely chill in jeans, I’m used to wearing them basically 24/7 so I actually find them to be pretty comfortable.

Don’t get me wrong, if I get home and want to shower I’m not gonna put on another pair of jeans, I’ll go for shorts or joggers because there’s no denying they are more comfortable. But it’s not a change I need to make in order to wind down and chill out at the end of a day lol


Maybe that’s not a problem for big man @SRCJJ :eggplant:


I go into my trackies any pyjamas at the first opportunity but this is next level :arteta:


I’m pretty much always in jeans at weekends to be honest. I usually don’t even bother to change out of my work stuff when I get home during the week aswell.
Safe to say I find it hard to do casual :grin:


Haha to be honest the heating is only on when I get home from work until I go to bed. Otherwise it’s off during the day and we don’t keep it on when we’re sleeping so the bill isn’t too bad.

Oddly enough I don’t sleep naked. I have to have a vest on and some boxers at least.

Think I’m done talking about what I do in the evenings now lol


Anything is fine after we heard about @Trion and his epic wanking quest :joy:

Because I like oversharing, I have to sleep totally Billy Bollocks, clothes are incredibly uncomfortable when sleeping. It’s why I always end up in a cab after a big sesh rather than kipping on a pal’s couch lol


@GunnerGirl sometimes I chill in bootcut jeans. :sunglasses:


:gabriel: :facepalm:


Uniqlo have some really nice lounge wear stuff btw, can’t recommend them enough, especially in the cold season.


Got two pairs of longjohns from there, fucking mint


Yeah I generally just chill in running shorts, get home from work straight out of the work stuff and off for a jog or walk.


My everyday gym wear are the half zip fleeces from Uniqlo. Make me look swoll they’re comfortable as shit.


What kind of hipster jeans are you lot wearing?

I’m able to sit or lounge in all of mine without noticing that they’re there.

Saying that though I am basically straight into the tracksuit as soon as I get in.


Leggings >> all leg wear


I’m not gonna disagree tbh :joy::eyes::speak_no_evil:


With how much I love my long johns, I wouldn’t begin to argue


Would you wear them in public or nah? You might get a lot of attention if you’re big in a certain area :wink:


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