You know what really grinds my gears?


Having a shave Monday morning at 5am before work and being half asleep and accidentally cutting a bit of your lip, it then won’t stop bleeding for ages :dizzy_face::dizzy_face::dizzy_face:.


Shaving cuts are th the absolute worst haha


Curry farts


Car parks that want you to pay for parking with coins, I literally cannot remember the last time I had physical money on my person. Get a fucking chip and pin reader in there for fucks sake :joy:


No. Not everybody is a card guy. Until coins are completely abandoned I will continue to use them.


Contactless is my life now tbh.


Mustafi shares these sentiments on match days with you.


Adverts on You Tube.
There seems to be an advert before every You Tube clip recently.
I’m sure there were hardly any until recently.


Well how else will they get you to pay £11.99 a month for ad-free premium YouTube? :sunglasses:


You haven’t watched a lot of youtube I can tell :slight_smile: Ads have been a thing for awhile now.


Blocking them has also been a thing for a while :slight_smile:


People who ‘chill’ in their house wearing jeans, how uncomfortable can you get?!


What do you chill in in your house? :eye::bikini:


A scottish being cocky towards an italian :xhaka2:


I’m covered for watching videos on my laptop, I have ad-blockers. It’s when I want to watch a video on my phone and an advert pops up by default, I find that absolutely irritating. That’s my data!


It’s those tiktok ones that really trigger me :bellerin:


Yep. Gotta be joggers.


:joy: usually a hoodie and leggings


If it’s just me or me and my wife we both basically walk around naked lol. No need for clothes in the comfort of my own home

How people just chill in jeans is beyond me though.


Only phsycopaths relax in jeans. Shorts or grey tracky tbh