You know what really grinds my gears?


The thing is as we lose veterans and citizens from booth world wars and the inter-war period the more these events will be made political.

I have total respect for our veterans, and we should always remember the horror of WWI, but now we will be going past 100 years there is a real danger that the event will lose track of its original purpose.


I agree.
It offends me that people get offended so easily.
They should just grow up :wink:


Its right to remember the first world war and people who gave their lives. Television has had a lot of reports and programs this week on it.
However it would be good to show the poor politics that lead to this disaster of history and the total ineptitude of the military leaders leading to unheralded carnage of peoples lives. Lest we forget. . any of it.


When I was in Secondary school learning about WW1, above was pretty much the theme of our lessons. No glorification at all.

Generally I think the best way to honour war dead is dedicating time to understand the reality of the respective conflicts through proper research.



Firstly what the fuck is bitlocker? I didn’t ask to use the cunting thing and now can’t get into my laptop.

I have a fucking recovery key ID but there doesn’t seem to be any way to turn that into a cunting actual recovery key and none of the other options presented are of any fucking use.

Shower of cunts.


No, you need to use the password you set up for BitLocker. It’s different from the recovery ID. Guess you have a Dell and not a Lenovo because the latter doesn’t ask you for password.


No it’s a Lenovo. Some update thing happened and when it restarted it is just giving me some blue screen and asking for a recovery key.

I don’t know that and also didn’t (intentionally anyway) set up bitlocker as I’ve no clue what that is.

It’s giving me a key id but from rooting around online there seems no way to turn that key into a recovery key.

Wheni run the command prompt I can’t access any of the drives.


You can only set up bitlocker by clicking on the local disk C:. It’s strange it appears after an update :thinking:

Have you tried inserting your PC password?


The only field I can enter anything in will accept nothing other than numbers (recovery key) so not even possible.

But why would they give me a key id if I can do nothing with it? :rage:

Computers are honestly a big pile of shit sometimes.


Enter into your BIOS (restart the PC), then click on F2 multiple times. This window will appear:


Change from “Legacy” to " UEFI" and then restart your PC by going to “Exit”->“Save changes”.

Hope to help you :slight_smile:


I will let you know. But tomorrow. I had to put it away before I threw it at a wall :rofl:


Ok mate :wink:


I think Shammy’s recovery key will be a 14lb hammer.:slight_smile: Joking aside, I applaud Luca’s attempts to help. Hopefully it’ll avoid having to pay some obnoxious fee for some tech guy.


When someone wants your signature, but instead asks for your autograph.

I’m not talking about 9 year old boys wanting an autograph from Wayne Rooney or Donald Duck, I’m talking about when some bloke turns up at your office to deliver 7 boxes of paper, and then he’s like “alright boss, can I get your autograph :arteta: ?”. He thinks he’s very funny, but he is not.

I used to have to go on deliveries with my dad every summer when I was a kid and he used to do it at least twice a day and it used to drive me mad.


Super soft towels that don’t actually dry you. I hate buying new ones, always have to ‘break them in’ by using and washing them a few times.


When you go into a shop to buy trainers and ask for a size 8 and they come out and tell you they’ve only got it in a size 11 as if I’m gonna think “alright mate if that’s all you’ve got I’ll just take it in an 11”

Just tell me you don’t have it and let me get on with my day.


I’ve had my own place 11 years. I have bought exactly zero new towels. :joy:



Hate a soft towel, have just moved in with the missus, brought my own towels as they’re broken in and hers are all soft… Shes already threatening to replace them :zipper_mouth_face:


I’ll say this, if you disagree with Britain’s involvement in from a loss of life, humanitarian and strategic perspective in WW1 you should probably disagree with Britain’s involvement in WW2. There wasn’t a whole lot of difference between the 2 policies.


If you’re interested in it from that angle Dan Carling talks about it a lot in his podcasts in Spotify. Hardcore History, blue print for armegeddon, there’s 6 episodes and he talks about the build upto to the great war and the festering problem in Austro-Hungaria.