You know what really grinds my gears?


Feel for you, mate.

Car salemen, mechanics, plumbers and lawyers.

A heck of a lot of good faith is put into them to charge us a fair rate.


The two women sat opposite me on this packed, rush hour DLR train eating KFC. Honestly all I can smell is fried chicken. At least I have been able to put my headphones so I can’t hear them chewing, and I can look away so I don’t have to see them pulling full bones out of their mouth once they’ve stripped the meat from it, and I don’t have to see the little bits of batter and chicken fall on their laps and the floor.

Honestly what the fuck is wrong with people? Zero consideration for others. Sit in the restaurant and eat your stinky food, then get on a train. Or get on a train and eat once you’ve done your journey.

Arghhhhh I just fucking hate people sometimes.


I think your just jealous and want some KFC aswell Jakey :wink:


Liked because I hate people eating animals.


Leave us alone ! Eating KFC in packed trains is on of my few favorite hobbies :bellerin:


Im not sure its a real chicken tbh. Get some very strange shaped strips in that place.


Delicious strange shaped strips mind.


England being good at football again




Ah good old Christmas commercialism at it’s best. Even if the event takes place an hour after the remembrance services, it just seems somewhat in bad taste (no pun intended) to have this event on at all that day. Save that truck parading crap for some other day.

Literally as soon as we entered November there’s been an absolute flurry of Christmas adverts shoved all over the place. Bah humbug.


Ben Bradshaw is a clown really


This is part of the problem with the over the top reverence, it makes people end up saying stupid shit like Bradshaw has.

Lets promote having a minute’s silence and then just let everyone get on with the rest of their day as they bloody wish. If you want to go home and continue to sit quietly and think about the sacrifice soldiers have made then crack on. If you want to get together with a bunch of other people who feel the same and be reflective together then go ahead. But don’t expect everyone else to, other people are naturally going to go about their day as they wish. If I saw a coca cola truck giving out free shit at noon on Sunday it wouldn’t even cross my fucking mind that they were somehow being disrespectful, because I don’t expect the world to somehow function differently for the whole of this one particular day of the year.

Loads of people make a massive fucking deal about this day and wearing a poppy, as if it makes you a great person to put a quid in a pot and show everyone you love soldiers by wearing the symbol for a week and a half, but then spending the rest of the year supporting militaristic political parties and policies and generally not giving a fuck about those who die in bullshit wars. So many people are high and mighty about this particular day and appeal but then generally give very little thought to how people are affected by war, but judge people who don’t choose to overtly make a big deal out of this day but may well generally be far more educated and thoughtful about these matters.

Because this is an emotional topic for some I anticipate a possible response from some people to that last paragraph, I’m hopefully obviously not saying everyone who wears a poppy is like that, I’m definitely not even saying a majority or anything like that.

Edit: You know what, if the rampant commercialism of this truck is unacceptable on that day then let’s ban the rampant commercialism that is football. How distasteful they have that on the same day, sometimes beginning shortly after Remembrance events too!!


People are get offended over everything. So fucking boring


There should be no football, no shopping, no commercialism this Sunday only respect for all the fallen , teenagers who died in mud ridden trenches, far from home , far from their loved ones .
These are real men who sacrificed their lives to give us our lives .
Never Forget the Fallen .


Are there any other causes that you care enough about to think that all commercial activity should be banned for an entire day?


Yes .
I’ve been to the war cemeteries in Belgium, France and the UK and it’s something you don’t forget.
The older you get the more this subject hits home .

A quid to buy a poppy is nothing .


If you don’t mind me asking, what are they?

I’ve been to war cemeteries in France and Belgium, I agree it isn’t something you forget.

And yes, a quid to buy a poppy is nothing.


The poppy has become a farce. Once a year people get wear their plastic poppy, wheel out all of the old fuckers and proclaim “We remember!”

Then they wheel them back, and forget about them for another 364 days.


I feel like the best way to remember and honour their memory would be to stop sending them to their death.


I tend to find that the people so eager to celebrate the poppy and attack people for not celebrating tend to be the ones who are the most willing to start wars. They also tend to be too old and fat to fight in said war.