You know what really grinds my gears?


People who expect the vendor (me) to do their job for them. I just got off the phone with a site that wanted me to go though their packing slips for the servers they ordered and tell them which data center to send them too… I created a detailed spec, several diagrams showing you how to deploy, and spelled out all of the technical requirements in painstaking detail for you. You fucking ordered them, they’re your servers, you figure out where you need to put them. Lazy bastards.


Sounds like you need a coffee :eyes:


Selling stuff to people who then call back after a couple of days expecting fucking support! Sold a gaming steering wheel to a guy who then expects me to make up a list on what games he can use it with, how to install it, how to adjust it. I asked if he’s tried Google or reading the fucking manual. The answer I got? He thought it would be quicker to ask me. Yeah especially since you haggled down the price €50! If you buy my bike am I obligated to learn you how to ride it too? Idiots.


Being woken up by the gardeners cutting the grass on Good Friday holiday…Suppose they are pissed too for having to work…Neighbour just told them to fuck off noisy c**ts. Everybodies happy…


This nonsense about not eating meat today.


Next door drilling and hammering the bloody walls at 8am on a bank holiday.
That sort of disregard for others makes my blood boil. Don’t think it’ll be happening again though :slight_smile:


The positive is that Mcdonalds usually run a special on their fillet o’ fish :grin:


The cunt two doors down working on his motor and playing tunes outside my window. It’s the fucking weekend you cunt, at least have the decency to wait until ten o’clock.


Cunts like that make my blood boil. Had enough run ins due to insensitive neighbours


this young couple that moved in next door last week, they are constantly banging from morning to night (and I don’t mean having sex) the noise is just annoying



How do you know they aren’t :wink:


don’t think anyone has that kind of stamina :wink:


Knock on the door with a baseball bat and a crazed look in your eye and act insane…they will soon stop!


I don’t believe Luke asked how to get arrested and ostracised by his community.


Hayfever is a bitch today :sanchez2:


@LukeTheGooner your neighbours still going at it?


it stopped a few weeks ago


You scared the life out of them?


Adele has always ‘grinded’ my gears’ her music is shit and she’s a whale


her music is shit agreed but as a person she’s a bit of a legend I’d say