You know what really grinds my gears?


One of my Nephews annoys the living fuck out of me, it boggles the mind (i love him but just the attitude stinks and I think if he is like this now god help him in later life but if anything is said I will be told what a cunt I am) he is young (8)…let me explain

he has:
a tablet
Wii U
handheld consoles

and I could go on and on and on…here is what I hear nearly 100% I am around them:

‘mummy I am bored’
she then says ill put on a game for you ‘noooooooooo I don’t want to play it its boring’
‘I’ll put on a film for you’
‘nooooooooo I don’t want to watch tv’

it goes on and on and on…and then you get the comments ‘ooooh kids nowadays huh’ its always some sort of variation of this shit.

WHAT IN THE LIVING FUCK, when I was growing up I didn’t have videos games consoles TVs etc but I wasn’t always bored neither, its just how parenting seems to have gone to shit but also that entitled attitude and they have so fucking much nowadays but somehow are needing more every single fucking time…what the FUCK IS GOING ON!


This has absolutely ZERO to do with the kid.


I know deep down, he gets on my nerves tho because he is such a snot but I know deep down why as I said at the beginning but people are precious about their kids if you dare say anything about them there is hell to pay.

It seems this is almost the norm nowadays with children now, though…to me it is very concerning, but as said you cant do anything about it because you cant say anything or your life as you know it is over. I guess so many people are still emotionally children whilst having children.


When people type “FIRST!!” in the comments section of Youtube videos, like it’s some sort of big deal. I mean who gives a fuck if you got there first exactly?


3rd time tonight…and its still circling…
At 00.34…

Edit… 00.45 still up there…ffs


iPhone autocorrecting “my nan” to “my man” ruins my life when I text a guy I fancy!


Same thing happens to me when I’m telling a boy about my rubber duckie and my stupid autocorrect changes the spelling!


why are you telling boys about rubber duckies? :smile:


Well the people who do that obviously :wink:.


I’m trying to type in different things but nothing is getting corrected so I don’t get this? Explain please. Or am I just being naive?


You guys really don’t have the fuck–> duck problem?


I get it, but didn’t get what a rubber duckie/fuckie was. I am really innocent though, so that might be why.


I mean, as far as I know a rubber fuckie isn’t a term actually in use, but I thought the meaning was clear enough. Anyways, my humour continues to triumph on the OA. :clap::muscle:


That’s a generous compliment…


It is so triumphant, nobody even notices it. Until you proceed to explain it, and then everyone - obviously - thinks it’s a total riot. Like in this absolutely hilarious instance. :henry:


You’re just saying that cause you didn’t understand my brilliant Mateu Lahoz pun last night!!!


AC really is that guy, who laughs at his own jokes at a party, while everyone slowly walks away from him, pretending they don’t know him :gunnersaurus:


Don’t be silly, AC doesn’t get invited to parties.


Visiting Whore Island and not finding a single whore.


Fucking harsh punishment tbh, how many years has it been now? How many times do I have to say it: I didn’t know what it was, FFS! I’d never seen one her age much less that, and I just put my finger on it cause I thought it was a pacifier and I like their texture. Anyways, not like she appreciated the effort anyways.