You know what really grinds my gears?


Let’s be honest though, if you’re on a bus or train and there’s lot of seats to start off with, then I think most people usually tend to rest their bag next to them. Everyone seeks personal space for as long as they can, until it visibly starts to fill up more.


Any cunt that uses the outer 2 lanes for anything other than over taking can fuck off and eat a dick riddled with aids.


You should come to Ireland and drive on the m50 :slight_smile:


When people sit next to me with food i either squeeze some cheese so they can smell my shit while they eat the fucking chicken and chips (and it always is - never spag bol or pizza…)

Or if i got no gas in the tank its time for a game of pick it roll it flick it…:poldi:


@JakeyBoy @shamrockgooner


@SRCJJ having a casual bit of lunch with the in laws in our Air bnb. Had to wolf my food down and then go out for a lengthy cigarette cos all I could hear was salad being chomped from 5 directions :rage:


Anything to do with Liverpool FC
I absolutely hate the fuckers .