You know what really grinds my gears?


Can’t stand people eating on public transport either. Especially on the tube where theres no fucking air as it is. Sometimes I just stare at them in disgust to make them incredibly uncomfortable :joy:


Not with misophonia really, its a neurological response kinda like fight or flight is triggered within a person through a certain type of noise. Not a lot of people know they have it because it is not really known about as such. I know about it because i have a low grade form of it that i get really stressed out and aggravated and angry over certain noises and lash out a bit. People should have a look there are some informative videos on youtube.



Interesting. I’ve never heard of misophonia, I’ll have to look that up. Cheers.


Ah, extenuating circumstances. Just unluckly to have that prat park next to you.


I don’t use the window seat unless the bus is packed. No fucker is going to invade my personal space without a discussion.


It’s a dick move on my behalf but I always put my bag on the seat next to me when I get on a bus. I’ll move it once some of the other seats start filling up but it means I avoid some random prick deciding they’ve walked far enough and the seat beside me will do if there’s other completely empty seats there.

I mostly cycle so if I’m forced to get the bus I want it to be as comfortable as possible. :slight_smile:


What is actually wrong with those people anyway. Loads of empty seats and they plonk their ass next to. You.
I had it on an aeroplane a few years ago, 10 people on board andwe had the run of the thing, the hostesses said we could sit where ever we wanted yet some pleb had to sit in my row, not even an extra leg room row. Like really?


I would have moved. And tutted at him.


Feel like they do it to get a reaction out of the people they do it to


Cunting GP’s receptionists. There’s a story behind my rage but I suspect you all already know it.


Only for him to move with you and sit next to you again and say ‘what was the tutt for?’


Dude, come on, you know its wrong. Move that bag please.


That’s when I would say I didn’t speak English.


I do move it, when the bus gets a bit more full.


Lane hogging cunts.

Fucking bastard, you know you’re in a 10 tonne truck, you ain’t overtaking that car for a million years, fuck off out the fast lane and let me get on with my day.


Im the type of guy who always have my bag at my feet, even though the bus is only half full. Doing that i avoid any akward moments along the trip.


Good for you. I’ve never had an awkward moment with my approach. :slight_smile:


0:45 Shammy’s tactics in a nutshell :smiley:

Must remember to tag @Phoebica of course when referencing any Simpsons scenes now :wink:


There’s an empty seat behind Agnes, just fucking sit in that Lisa you annoying twat!