You know what really grinds my gears?


I do that, and I like leaving the trolly halfway across the narrowest point in there too. :joy:


Waking up with a cold a few days before flying out on holiday :sleepy:


Why is it that fat people and especially fat girls are the loudest and the ones who whine the most.

If you are THAT fat what right do you have to open your fat loud mouth and complain 24/7 about anything and everything.

Its really hard not getting physical with these types and tbh i really think a good old bollocking would be a good service for them and their future.


Weightist :cech: :henry2:


Keep it in your pants fella.


chubby chaser :giroud:


Making fun of my shite english ! Racist !


I am like that with pants…


Har har…

You got dumped by a chubby who moaned at you being a shite boyfriend cause your on OA all the time…:henry2:


I won’t get to watch this week’s match because it’s on NBC Gold… I refuse to pay another 50 bucks a year for this bullshit. I already pay an ungodly fee for the sports package on my satellite. Fuckin’ money grubbing dicks. They try to squeeze out every last penny you have.



Welcome to our world :wink:


People who eat smelly, messy food on public transport and generally have no respect for others who have to use the same service.

I’m on a bus and some cunt gets on and sits next to me despite there being quite a few spots where he could sit entirely alone.

He then pulls a box of chicken and chips out of a carrier bag and starts munching on it right next to me. For a start, I can’t stand the sound of people eating or drinking, it goes right through me and brings me out in a genuinely inexplicable rage. So I can smell the food really strongly, hear him chomping loudly and almost slurping down his ketchup drenched chips. Then he starts on the wings and ends up basically sucking on the bone, because y’know, it’d be an absolute disaster if a single fucking scrap of that chicken was wasted.

To top it off, when done with the wing he just drops it in the aisle of the upper deck of the bus instead of just keeping it in the fucking box he’s presumably disposing of in about five minutes.

Fucking cunt. I swear I’d love to have just had a word with him (not in a tough guy way, just in a “pull yourself the fuck together” kinda way), but alas, I was in Woolwich and people stab people for a laugh round this way. Even if that’s a bit dramatic, these days it just doesn’t feel worth trying to question people and their antisocial behaviour for fear of your own safety.


You seem to have Misophenia


Nothing irritates me more than the sound of someone eating or drinking. To the point where I have to get up from my desk at work and step outside to cool down if someone decides to eat near me and I can hear them. I remember when my wife was just slurping away on some drink in the cinema once my blood was boiling but I couldn’t say anything so I just sat there on the verge of insanity and when she asked me what was wrong my head must have been steaming. I can’t even stand my own wife making noise when she eats or drinks so I know how angry you must have been when a total stranger decides to do it.

Doesn’t matter who you are, don’t eat or drink a fucking drop around me basically.


Fuck me lol what do you guys do in like a cafeteria or some shit yous must be raging at least once every day lol


you guys need to check out misophenia you might have a shade of it.


You know, you can’t control how others act. But you can control how you react. If I find someone offensive I just move away. It’s just not worth getting myself all worked up over some habitual twat.


I do agree that we have to recognise that all we can control is our response to the actions of others. BTW, when you said that I immediately thought of The Sopranos and Janice in her anger management sessions :joy:

I could have moved but I was in the window seat and he had me penned in. So I could have asked him to move so I could get out and sit elsewhere, sure. But I had five to ten minutes left on that bus and it felt like it was more effort than it was worth to try and make the guy stand up on the top deck of a moving bus whilst holding an open container of food. I might have done it but I could just envisage him smearing the handle and pole with his ketchup covered hands and the sheer potential grossness was too much to handle lol.

Plus it’s an incredibly English trait to bite your tongue and say fuck all even if you’re totally fuming because it might be socially awkward to say something and potentially cause a scene :joy:


just watch a bit of dis and ur phobia will go away :henry2: