You know what really grinds my gears?


Why bother fixing such old posts tho mysty haha when they are lying dead :wink:


Well there’s been some sort of update recently that’s effected my older posts as it previously wasn’t an issue, and everytime I came across one, it just looks messy and horrible when it’s not been embedded properly so. Just me trying to keep the place looking more presentable I guess, you never know how far people will go back to reading posts :henry2:


It seems like every one of your posts awell haha


3rd time ive done it mate. Its interesting but lots of waiting round too.


Or when the Mrs has complained to your mum after a mini tiff and so your mum takes her side


Don’t poke the bear.:gunnersaurus:


When you’ve presented, discussed, gathered data, informed them of the impact, educated them on why we’ve engineered the environment to a ridiculous level (because said client insisted); then you get the Johnny Come Lately project manager who schedules a series of calls and an onsite visit to discuss “why the hardware costs so much and why do we need so many environments (production, test, dev, etc)”.


Why was the PM not at your kanban sessions? :wink:


That is a very good question.


When people take trollies into self checkout :roll_eyes:

The entire area is designed for shoppers using baskets!


I can see where you are coming from there , the same for 10 items or less in a basket .


In ASDA they have checkouts for self service with trolleys. I tried it once, one of the worst 10 minutes of my life. It takes a lot longer than queueing and letting another person do it all for you.


Reading the draw for the CL and seeing the Spuds not us…


Reading the draw for the CL and seeing the Spuds not us… for the third season in a row.

This really has to stop, and this is the season to do it.




You’re right.
It seems like more :grinning:


I thought that would bother me too.


Secret Spurs fan eh…:wink:


I’m just getting old. As the years go on, I care less and less about football :slight_smile:


There’s always some hitch where a staff member has to pop over and get it working again too.