You know what really grinds my gears?


It does actually.
For a starter they wore matching fleece coats .
Had stupid fluffy toys on the parcel shelf …
hang on …
I bet it’s you ! :rofl:


Alas no
24 hr shopping has ruined everything now !


I don’t. But I do like to point out when someone is being an asshole.


Now , come away from the mirror and please do try to have a laugh, life’s toooo short


At the local lidl there is a massive yellow box area you have to drive through to get out. It’s two car widths wide but almost without fail there will be a car parked in it when I’m leaving. I’d love to see some prick be clamped there some day.


Your taking this way to seriously haha


Good boy . Supermarkets are lethal.
I like the swinger parkers who just give it the wide’un , don’t bother straightening up and take up two parking spaces .
Saying that I can’t park for toffee . They never paint the white lines the same angle as I park !


Stop parking in disabled places mate


Sorry Calum :grin:


Haha I can never get them two right…


Well I’m not going to have a chuckle when someone behaves like an asshole, and then brags about it :slight_smile:


What was jury service like Stroller?


He’s 12 Angry Men’ing those sons of bitches


“Wilshire” and “Carzola” :neutral_face:


Add Erikson and Nicholas Bendtner to that sir.


The Anglicised pronunciation of ‘Wenger’. ‘Whenger’. :wenger2:


You are not in french. Respect the tradition!


Seeing you have a quote from @Mysty then when you click on it. It’s just him editing a post from June 2016… :bellerin:


The hiccups. That shit hurts after about the 20th one.


I’m really sorry about that :facepalm: I really hate how Discourse notifies every single little change. I was fixing a lot of my older posts that had broken quote boxes, but of course that ends up notifying those I originally quoted ages ago. So yeah, I know several others probably got the same from me earlier. Apologies folks!