You know what really grinds my gears?


Anything to do with Liverpool FC
Pep ‘ fucking ‘ Gardiola
Anything to do with Liverpool FC
Bad parking at supermarkets
Anything to do with Liverpool FC
But more than anything
Liverpool FC ,


Pedestrians outside the shopping malls, especially around the parking. It’s not one giant sidewalk and there are cars driving there. It does hurt when they hit you. A lot.


I know I’m going to sound like a bit of a grammar nazi here, but it surprises me how a lot of people can’t seem to spell certain words correctly. For example, lately I see a lot of people spelling the word paid, as payed :gabriel: And don’t get me started on the correct use of there, their and they’re! It just seems basic stuff to me.


I have to say, I am exactly the same…The amount of EBay ads that I see and the spelling is so terrible that I wouldn’t want to buy the item even if it were the bargain of the decade…I thought it was just me getting old…lolol


Loose instead of lose. :gabriel:


When you fetch your box of Celebrations and the last user was kind enough to leave all the shit sweets and raid the good ones.


Fucking email. Just got back from a week off and now I’m going to spend the next two days digging out. Fuckin’ jabronis…


‘Then’ instead of ‘than’ is another one.

I was a proofreader by trade, back in the days when it was a trade, so you can imagine how often I’m smacked in the eyes by what I see everywhere now.

The spellchecker on this site underlined the word proofreader as I wrote this post. Funny, it didn’t underline the word ‘spellchecker’, though.


People who go shopping and HAVE to park in the same spot every weekend before the supermarket has opened. Wtf is that about.
This oldish couple had to park in the same spot every Saturday morning like clockwork and wait outside the doors !
War was declared!
I got there 30 mins before the shop was due to open and parked in ‘their’ place !
Well , they arrived and were not happy , it was two pairs of eyes staring at me with daggers.
There was a few words uttered under their breath but it was a moral victory !
Result !


Doing jury service on 2 of my days off for the price of a subway and a 2nd class train ticket.


Bit of a dick move on your part.


Dick or no Dick
It had to be done .


It sounds like all you did was waste 30 minutes of your own time


All you’ve really achieved is them getting there earlier next week.


And for what? At that time it’s not as if parking spaces are at a premium.


It actually annoys me when I’m in a car with someone and they’re obsessed with trying to park as close to the door as possible and then driving around slowly looking for a space, when you can park completely hassle free in a space that happens to be an extra 15 seconds walk from the door.


My mum does that :slight_smile:


Exactly, so what gives them the eternal right to park in the same spot every week .


Why do you even care? It has literally zero impact on your life.


Why do you care? :wink: