You know what really grinds my gears?


It annoys me that the conservatory is a haven for insects and that flies are so fucking thick!

With it being summer, I have the doors open a lot… in come the bugs, then when it’s time to leave, I try guide them to the way out but the flies insist on head butting part of the window/door that doesn’t open instead. “Look, fellas, in 30 seconds i’m shutting the windows and locking the door, if you’re still here, you will die and be hoovered up tomorrow!”


I know right !!!

Its like they have had no formal schooling or education whatsoever…

I blame austerity.


Do you not have screen doors, window screens?


I have wooden window shutters all around the house – which stops the flies coming in but results in them getting stuck between the window and blind, I often find dead flies on the windowsill.

But not in the conservatory, i’ve only just moved in – I barely have any furniture, let alone door screens :smile:


Wasps. I love nature, but I’d happily commit genocide on those bastards.


For me it is spiders, didnt used to mind them too much but didnt really like them as such either. Until one of the big house spiders bit my hand and got stuck for a moment there it has kinda freaked me out ever since Hate the way they are just all of a sudden in your eye shot and they move so damn fast scuttling around everywhere i hate the way they move etc uuggghhh.


Dead flies on the windowstill? Free food right there. Good in protein and fibers.


Swooping Magpie season, it’s about to start and I can’t do my evening exercise without the fear of a bird swooping down on me.


I’ve got a conservatory, fucking hate it. When we bought the house we thought we were cool and we could have breakfast in there while reading the Financial Times but any time between June and August it’s so hot that you’re choking on air, and any time between October and April you’re freezing.


So you just use it in September?


I had one in my old house, I loved it. Always had a distinctive fresh smell. would sit and play there for hours during the day, I have proper nostalgia for it tbh


Haha yeah that was part of the reason I bought the house, I had all these great ideas of what to do with it. But so far the only use for it is as a sauna!

And the Financial Times? Now now Craigie, what did your mum tell you about telling porkies? :smile:


I dunno what’s worse, trying to direct flies out of windows, or moths :jakey:


You always manage to find a clip, no matter the subject :smile:

But yes, that’s what it’s like. Painful.




The Girl Next Door!


Its the shiny glit of your beer can as you bend over to pick it up from the cooler. Try bottles…:+1:


Great film!!!


I remember there being a big thread on IMDb’s Girl Next Door thread about a guy crushing hard on Danielle. Dude became obsessed. :grimacing:


Found the thread… A lot of guys crushing on her in there.


First session of a marketing course, 30 min of nothing but Apple ads :roll_eyes: