You know what really grinds my gears?


I’m American and I love the word cunt… it has a certain je ne sais quoi.


lol I know I’m older then most of you but I’m starting to doubt this.



People who don’t care or take pride in thier community.


Rain first time in weeks today. So work decide to have a fire test. Cunts.


LOL! We used to have fire drills every couple of months. Marched out to the car park military style by our ex-Navy office manager. When the alarm went off for real one day for a chip pan fire in the canteen, nobody moved a muscle.


When you’re out on a bike ride, only to get caught in a rain shower and you’re miles from home


At least you get to keep cool eh? Imagine that same bikeride in the 35 degree heat we had a week ago :gabriel:


The cricket commentators were saying that “Armageddon” is coming, so get home quick… :smile:


My weather radar seems broken atm because last month I was out on a ride and we had the first proper rain in 2 months and it got so heavy at one point I had to stop and find some shelter under some trees until it eased off :laughing:

There is something oddly nice about Summer rain though.


When your partner takes the window seat on the plane and has you up and down getting stuff out the overhead cabin.


People having a go at Emery like he was supposed to thrash Pep 10-0.


When your about to bust your nut and you get cramp.


Stupid video players where you can’t control the volume


Those new fucking paper straws at McDonalds…

How the fuck am i supposed to drink my milkshake eh???


What? :joy::joy::joy::joy::joy:


Just let the ladies do it for you man :giroud2:


Paper straws? So it just soaks up all the liquid until it disolves… great idea man… great.


Why do fast food establishments always insist that you want a straw anyway. I’m happy enough to just drink a drink from a cup, like a normal person.

And on the subject, I’m all for the war on plastic but I don’t really see why you’d bother switching out a plastic straw for a paper one but then still force people to stick it through a plastic lid which probably has a much greater net volume of plastic, and a cup that’s not recyclable except in special circumstances.


Exactly - right up there with a fuckin chocolate teapot…:facepalm:

Well you really need one for a Milkshake but your bang on about the plastic bit with the lids and the stupidity. Scrap the lids and keep the straws and make the lid and cartons 100% recycled.


I had something along similar lines last week, I try and buy all our fruit and veg loose so it comes without the plastic packaging, the amount of people that feels dn do the same and then put it all in the thin plastic bags :joy::joy::man_facepalming: The woman at the till had a huff and puff too when she had to weight it all without the bags and asked why I’d done that, I did try to explain but she seemed none the wiser :sweat_smile: