You know what really grinds my gears?


It is confirmed by rockstar


Oh great then. Bit shit they never created story expansions for GTA V, waste of the map


Well I guess it’s subjective but I thought the way they wrote it was awesome. They took a bunch of different stuff from all the great heist/gangster movies and added to the story. The torture scene from Reservoir Dogs, a heist similar to Heat, obvious Breaking Bad stuff. I thought it was great.


Nuff said.


People who don’t get their kids to give seats to adults on public transport. I swear when I was a kid it was just standard for parents to get their kids to offer their seats to adults? When I was young my parents would do that, or sit me or my sister on their lap, or at the very least, make me and my sister share a seat.

These days I notice most parents let their little kids just take up loads of seats. There’s a woman on this packed rush hour train with four kids, oldest about 8 I reckon but the rest much younger. They’re so young they barely take up a seat but she hasn’t told them to share seats or sit one on her lap.

Plus she’s feeding them some super stinky leftover meat feast style pizza, the kind with a sausage stuffed crust. I could honestly gag.

I know I’m a bit young for “back in my day” posting, but honestly it does sometimes feel a bit like standards of parenting are on the slide and people generally are less considerate than they used to be.

Fuck me I’m in a right mood today haha


Lighten up bruv and eat some sausage crust pizzas


Not having a go at you m8, cos your concern in this case seems legit :grin:
What grinds me though are all these older people who react to today’s parenting. They happen to see a fragment of a situation and base their judgement solely on that.


Sounds horrible, and I agree on that nasty ass food in public transport, especially in mornings.

Ffs what savages, eating sausage pizza now?!


Gonna chime in here, I don’t have any kids (maybe one day) but it fucks me right off that there’s this culture that most of the little brats get away with absolute murder and with the parents not so much as giving a single fuck as to anyone else around them and letting the little bastards run riot. I’m sorry but in any situation I’ve experienced, parents need to start being more considerate to others around them.

I love kids and the closest contact I have so far is with my niece, she’s a great little lass so it’s not like I completely hate kids.

I also work within the restaurant industry, the amount of parents I see coming in and running amock the place really gets on my tits and I’m not running or talking about you’re average wetherspoons here I’m talking mid to higher tier pricesd food. Yet the parents think nothing of letting little Grace or Harry run riot amongst my servers whilst carry hot plates of food around. Obviously this isn’t everyone but it is a big majority. Control your fucking kids!!


It’s funny. Pretty much anytime we go out to a nice restaurant either a server or an old person feel the need to compliment my boys for being well behaved. I was a bit baffled by this for the longest time. I don’t do anything special. When they were babies if they started crying I would take them outside, but that’s about it. But about a year ago it finally hit me. Parents whose kids are running amok completely ignore their children. Why have kids if you’re not going to do the job of being a parent? I just don’t get it.

I actually like spending time with my kids. I talk to them, play games, and just generally engage with them when we’re out. It’s not that my boys are docile, or even well behaved. They’re actually rebellious and irreverent people who challenge every social norm at every turn (must get it from their mother, because I was an angel)… So it doesn’t take much. Anyway… I guess what I’m saying is, I get your outrage here.




I’m all for having your kids behave in restaurants, etc., but on a recent visit to a nice restaurant we witnessed a young family (the kids were about 8 and 6) each totally engrossed in the devices, mum and dad on their phones and the kids on some sort of game device.

Is this what passes for ‘quailty time’ these days?


Honestly, if they aren’t bothering people around them, I don’t have a problem with this.


True, but whatever happened to family conversation around the dinner table? Unless they were all texting each other. :frowning:


I went out with my aunty to a restaurant and she was all “Look at that, young couple over there out on a date, just on their phones. Disgusting” :joy:

When I’m out with my wife we’re always doing various shit on our phones. I’ve talked to this cunt every day for the past 7 years, there’s basically nothing left to say and certainly not enough to fill the 30 minutes that a restaurant makes you wait to get your food.


:joy: :joy: :joy:

We all grow a pair of bollocks in the internet when the missus can’t see


Nah we hit the casual cunting sweet spot pretty early on


This. Would rather stay silent and enjoy the moment than talk shite just to fill the gap.


This is exactly it, I literally tear cry at this little part of his show because it’s so fucking true :sob::sob::sob:

“I’m not a cunt, you’re a cunt” kills me every time :sob::sob::rofl::rofl::rofl:


I love Flanagan. Always kills it on Graham Norton. Especially when he’s sat next to up themselves hollywood celebs.

Love his Thomas bit.