You know what really grinds my gears?


I think we all worked that one out :slight_smile:


The standard of driving in this fucking country.

It’s taken me 1hr 45 mins to drive a 35 minute journey, motorway was packed fair enough it happens, but then I got off the motorway a junction earlier to take the A roads and there’s some absolute fucking weapons driving 20mph under the speed limit…drives me fucking wild, then when the traffic comes to a slowing halt and is just drifting along they leave huge gaps in the traffic. Nothing boils my piss like driving in the UK, driving hasn’t stressed me out this much in years :joy:


Surely there’s a better way to spend your adult life than watching Love Island lol


Oooft :giroud3:


MM can’t resist another Love Island dig ffs :arteta:

Be ready for my post on the tv thread later :wink:




Those games were great, but GTAV is a fantastic game. The story alone is the best of any of the games to date imo.


I really loved gta 5 though. Cant wait for gta 6 which will be played in Miami aka Vice city.


Nah man cmon, the Gtav storyline is so short and umemorable.

I’d accept maybe GTA online putting it in the conversation but VC and SA storylines are far above it surely even IV?

@LordBendtner nice, I hope they actually put effort into the single player story and not just the microtransactions modes.


The amount of work Rockstar games are putting into the GTA series is amazing. GTA 5 doesnt have the most memorable storyline, but that is mostly down to having 3 main characters apart from only 1 in the previous series. GTA 5 is the best game i have ever played tbh.


Think it’s overrated tbh :kos2:

Tenpenny, Catalina and Forelli >>>> that billionaire and the FBI guy.


Those 3 characters were fantastic and so well written though


A psycho redneck, a black gangbanger and a 50 year old man having a midlife crisis. Whats not to like.


Aka the most popular show on TV rn? :grinning:


Says more about the people watching than the actual show tbh


They just don’t understand GG :sleeping:

Find it so hilarious how it triggers basically the whole of OA if you post about it :joy:


I feel I should be grateful that I don’t know what Love Island is.


Hoping the series goes back to Vice City



Love gtav but with rockstar it’s all about Red Dead for me, can’t wait for that new badboy to be rolled out!