You know what really grinds my gears?


This new generation that loves Fortnite lol. Surely there’s better ways to spend your childhood than a silly game?! I’ve seen stories of ppl going to rehab because of their addiction. I was a kid not long ago, throughout the 2000s we had class TV shows on Nickelodeon and Disney. This new generation missed out


Old people :slight_smile:


It always gets me down seeing old people about. Seems like a miserable existence


Bit ironic you’re having a go at their choice of childhood pastime when the end result was both you and them spent time sat in front of a tele.

What makes you think that’ll turn out worse for them than it did for you?


I don’t even know what Fortnite is :see_no_evil:


Well you can consider yourself lucky then. Its basically the new minecraft.


It’s just the latest Battle Royale game. In a year, no one will be playing it.


It’s a free to play third person shooter. I have a few friends that play it and it is pretty fast paced and fun but it has like taken over. It’s a huge phenomenon, it’s crazy.


Fortnite has led to problems like addiction and it’s also violent type of game which is a bad influence. Kids TV shows however back then were great and there’s a great nostalgia to them


There’s more violence in Adventure Time or a Shakespeare play.


All digital mediums, including TV, are addictive without proper regulation from parents.

Violence? It’s no more violent than Tom and Jerry


I tried it but couldn’t get into it.


the good old “everything were better when i was a kid”. Violent and addictive games have always been a hit for kids. From Kids playing cowboys versus Indians on the playingground to video games like Counter strike, Fortnite etc.

Kids are attractd to the forbidden, and aslong as it stays in the virtual og imaginative world i dont see any problem at all.



Fortnite involves shooting. I’m no video game player but to me that’s violent and can motivate players to carry it out for real. The addictions are bad, I’ve read people going to rehab because of the game


I’ve played gta since 2003 and I’ve not shot anyone yet :wink:


Sorry but that’s a ridiculous argument.


I do think Ken Rosenberg might be responsible for my expensive cocaine habit though.


Hahahaha what a guy he was.

To add to the ‘back in my day!!!’ chat, GTA just isn’t the same is it?

VC and SA have not been beaten no matter how much hype and microtransactions are added to GTAV.


Loool Rosenberg. Feking annoying lawyer :arteta: