You know what really grinds my gears?


Can’t be fucked with the inevitable drawn out saga for the manager position.

Also we’ll barely get a pre-season so I can’t see how the new manager is going to get the squad working together with new tactics in time for the start of the season so we’ll almost certainly be a shit show from week 1.


I’ll take a pessimist saying that “we’ll almost certainly be a shit shit show from week 1” to basically anyone with a bit of common sense knowing for an actual fact that we’ll be a shit show throughout the whole season.


Don’t worry Calum, Love Island starts soon :laughing:


I know! World Cup and Love Island. + No Wenger What a summer :heart_eyes::heart_eyes::heart_eyes:


As I mentioned in another thread, at least we have the world cup to look at. Beats fucking MLS shite any day of the week.


Religion lessons in schools. WTF for.


Spiders in wing mirrors .
What is it with spiders and wing mirrors.
I’ve blasted them with a pressure washer, brushed them with a cloth and they are still there and an hour later the wing mirrors and doors are covered in cobwebs.
Little bastards


I just pretend it’s the same one that’s always been there. His name is Barry and he’s moved car 4 times now.


Supermarket car parks getting my gears .
You can park in a bay miles away from the store itself , with no other vehicles near and yet when you return there is always some twat who parks so close to your vehicle that it’s nigh on impossible to get in to drive away .
Why ffs … they have the whole of the car park to choose from but no , they just can’t help themselves.
What is all that about.


Just park in the children only bays.

At a certain time of night there’s nobody coming in with their kids so fuck it


I did park in the disabled bay once and this woman said something about me being disabled so I said I had Tourette’s , and told her to fuck off


How did they become a thing? If that’s the first spot I see I take it. Usually a bit wider too so that would solve your problem too GG89 :smiley:


Depending on the layout of the car park, I sometimes like to park next to another car because i’m rubbish at parking so like to use another car as a guide :see_no_evil:


Observing supermarket parking is something else .
It baffles me how a farty little Smart car can take up two parking bays and the owner comes back with a single packet of artichokes praising the health benefits of being a Vegan looking all smug and righteous.
The worlds full of slugnuttys


There are literally painted guide lines on the ground :joy:


You can use the sound of metal on metal as a distance guide .


Yeah anyone taking up 2 slots is a worstcunt.

As sham said the children spots are wider so will solve your issues too.

At the time i shop, the disabled bays are usually empty so I’ll take them too tbf. (I know, I’m a cunt but whatever)


That’s seriously funny


That the trains can’t go a full week without one delay. Always something wrong with them ffs!


When you are in bed with three women and the least attractive one says:

“Save it for me…”