You know what really grinds my gears?


Fair play. Tbh ive only recently upgraded my S5 to an S8. I don’t see the point in getting the latest models as soon as they are released. My S5 was an absolute soldier for over 2 years haha.


“I hope Sir Alex recovers… and i’m a Liverpool fan”

As if you deserve extra praise for managing to not wish death on someone despite you supporting a rival club.

It’s got fuck all to do with football. You don’t need to list the club you support.


Fucking this. Football fans are so weird


Fucking cluster headaches


I’m already bored of the off season and it hasn’t even fucking started yet OMG kill me nowwwwwww


Lol this. Days feel so empty without football tbh. I wonder how people who aren’t into football cope. At least there’s the World Cup soon


I’m loving it this year especially after the horror season we’ve just hard. No Arsenal for three months. Bliss


I like horror films. Arsenal have been great fun :sunglasses:

Anyway, still plenty more football to be played. Playoffs start tonight and continue all weekend. FA Cup final next weekend. CL and EL finals.

And before you know it, the World Cup will be here.


Have a feeling it’s gonna be a long summer with us failing to secure multiple manager targets!


Nah fuck that shit tournament


Here’s another one:

House hunting in London!


What areas have you been looking in?

Let me guess, Chelsea/Fulham? :sunglasses:


If he’s looking at houses in Chelsea or Fulham he must be Lord Christo, or at least Viscount.


Looking to rent in Fulham, Hammersmith, Putney etc.

Bloody nightmare when you have a girlfriend as picky as mine!

Edit: should say we’re renting and not buying haha


Oh man I feel so bad for you, gonna be a total nightmare finding a nice place in Fulham


You’d be surprised according to my girlfriend :unamused:

If I was on my own I’d just rent a cheap room in a shared house with my mates, would have had it sorted ages ago.

If I do end up in Fulham or Putney or whatever, I’ll definitely consider a Fulham season ticket. That’d be well good.


Fulham is the best away day, right along the river. Lovely little stadium.

I think most of that area is quite nice actually. Have a couple of friends who live in Putney.


Well you did just say she’s really picky lol


Ahh haha so I did I thought you were directing it at me :joy:


Much more excited for this off season than I have been for one in a long time, I’m surprised to hear an Arsenal fan say otherwise. For once there’s actual hope of making progress.