You know what really grinds my gears?


No fuck that. I don’t want to breathe in your horrific smoke.


They definitely have quotas. I remember once coming back from a game they swabbed first my bag, but then the copy of the gooner that i was carrying. :smile:

@AbouCuellar it’s genuinely baffling to me how they ever allowed that and I think its probably blind luck that it never caused a known major catastrophe.


For a start, “horrific”. Bit melodramatic haha, we’re talking about cigarettes not a triple murder :grin:

Secondly, the air on planes was actually cleaner and fresher when people smoked. The visible smoke pollution meant they had to replace the air on board regularly, resulting in cleaner air than we currently enjoy. Now people don’t smoke the airlines can save money by not freshening the air as regularly, as it is costly to do so in flight. By the time your flight ends the levels of CO2 in the cabins atmosphere will be greater than it should be, and greater than it would have been back when smoking was allowed on planes.


Ah, the good old impudence of a smoker :slight_smile:


Just me indulging my pedantic nature. Horrible, nasty, gross etc, all seem appropriate. Horrific didn’t lol


A pedant and a smoker, couldn’t get any worse could it :stuck_out_tongue:


Love this, had no idea! Another argument to use to defend the smoker in this terrible modern society where the smoker is almost more marginalised than the gypsy! (Tongue firmly in cheek here, for the record, I’m obviously incredibly cognisant of how awful smoking is for your health and those around you–but fuck it, I love smoking, as Mark Twain said something something wouldn’t trade another 10 years of life for smoking and drink something something–though I do like to facetiously use this argument about how repressed the smoker is in modern day society, which has a small bit of truth to it haha)


When I’m on my hospital bed, vomiting my guts out due to horrible chemo drugs in my veins, cos I ended up getting cancer by inhaling carcinogens from my fellow passengers’ second hand smoke, I’ll sure be happy that I had that better air quality during that flight!



If smoking were legal indoors it would be your workplace, the pub etc that would get you, not a couple hours on a plane a couple of times a year lol.

As I said, they used to be quite stringent about freshening the air on planes, so it would not have been that bad at all. The air on planes these days is awful.


You’ve had this conversation before haven’t you? :grin:


I’ve dropped it quite a few times as an interesting bit of trivia. People might not agree but I think it is pretty interesting because it’s really counterintuitive.

I’ve not used it as some sort of smoker vs nonsmoker argument before and I’m not really trying to now. Despite being a smoker I agree with the smoking bans, it smells really unpleasant and is harmful to people’s health. It should always be an individuals choice rather than thrust upon you.

What I do hate is people telling me it’s bad for me and saying I shouldn’t smoke. It’s my choice, I’m not allowed to smoke indoors so you don’t have to put up with it, so mind your own fucking business and shut the fuck up lol.


Fitbit. How in the fuck are they a) not just compatible with all fucking phones (it’s syncing data you cunts) and b) why the fuck does the app not at least tell you that.

Also fuck you to the sales person who should know this shit and could have saved me a.lot if hassle with one fucking question.


Problem solved. I’ve bought a new phone. :grinning:


Nice. What you get? I got an s9 last weekend and loving it!


Huawei PSmart. Excellent specs for 200 on prepay.


I got a Huawei P8 Lite for like 130 quid about a month ago. Certainly feel like I’m getting value for money with it so far.


That’s what I’ve just upgraded from. Excellent phone. The screen has been cracked a year though so about time I made a change :slight_smile:


Yeah my dad loved his Huawei till he dropped it in the toilet haha

I would consider getting a Huawei next but I’m really turned off by this trend of making all smartphones so fucking massive which is why I ended up getting an iPhone SE.

A phone doesn’t need to be bigger than the SE imo.


My dads got a Huwaeeieie too. Whats it with dads and these phones. Sorry JB.


I’m just not that fussed about phones. It does the job and has good specs for the price (happy with the battery specifically).

I just don’t see the appeal in spending 50 quid a month so I can carry a fucking tablet round with me. There’s nothing those phones do that my phone can’t which justifies the additional outlay. Once my current contract is up in October I’m going sim only, then I can really save some money.