You know what really grinds my gears?


I completely disagree. I think we should have a robust exchange of views to prove who is right. We could call it Gategate.


This is baitgate all over again, don’t fall for it.


The fact that the knighthood has completely degenerated into a cheap novelty.

It should be reserved for real pioneers in meaningful fields and dutiful servants of the United Kingdom


That we have a knighthood system hammering home the class system.


It hasn’t ‘degenerated’, Lloyd George used to sell knighthoods en masse and over the years they’ve been given out because of nepotism and old boys networks


I’d like to just raise an objection to the fact that all these titles still make reference to the British Empire. Hardly a good start in convincing me that they are fit for purpose and relevant.


To drag it further royalty as a whole has no purpose whatsoever. It costs millions of tax payers money and sells tabloids.


My point still applies, to the past and present.


But if the same applies to the past then they haven’t degenerated, I think that’s what he’s getting at.



Customer was not available when UPS attempted delivery. Will deliver to a nearby UPS Access Point™ for customer coll.


I hate that. Last time around the nearest UPS delivery central was an hours drive away! :triumph:


Yeah fuck that, especially when you KNOW you were in and they never came. Happens here a lot that they run behind or cant be bothered to post half the parcels and they just do half their round and chuck the other half at those access points. You call them up and they say ‘were you not in or was it possible you didnt hear your bell or the door knock’ no it isnt possible you fucking pricks no one ever came and knocked.

I once had it that the fucker didnt come at all even to put a notice through my door to pick up the parcel so i had to get them to send a form so i could take it with me to get the parcel because without the slip you cannot get the parcel. I had to run around after them for about a week of calling and pissing about to get a ‘replacement’ (because of course they gave that to me and it was my carelessness apparently that was the cause of me not having it) absolute fuckers for such a so called big company. Them and Parcelforce are a bunch of clowns.


Spot on! Once I was working in the front yard and the door was wide open all day :laughing: “You we’re not home”. Yeah right.


I literally had the exact same thing once. I was tending to the front garden for a good few hours when my phone buzzed on the window sill, had a text message saying they had just attempted delivery but nobody answered. I was absolutely fuming with them. Lying cunts.


I had a delivery they didn’t bother phoning me up front about. Not a good idea leaving a $4k Korg keyboard on my doorstep for three hours or so on a -18 January morning. Pricks.


When your flight is delayed by 1hr 15 minutes

FFS :sob::sob::sob::sob:


Last time we flew home from the UK, we were delayed four and a bit hours. Sweet, our rebate paid for our each way trip from Canada.


Airport security measures. Know its essential but it bugs the life out of me tbh.


I once had my phone swabbed at the airport. It showed up positive for “explosive materials”. I was pulled aside and quizzed for 10 mins and had my bag searched. Then they said don’t worry it’s in hair gel and toothpaste and I could go.

During the 10 minutes I was being quizzed
they let 500 other people through without testing any of their phones which pissed me off if this was so important, and if it shows up positive from fucking hair gel and toothpaste then I imagine a lot of those would have been positive too.


I can deal with airport security measures but what really fucks me off these days is them having gotten rid of the smoking zones in most airports. When I’m on layover after a long ass flight there’s nothing I want more than a cigarette and you have go to in and out of security to so which basically makes it a non-starter.

While we’re at it, fuck, I wish I lived in the 70s or whenever when you could smoke on planes, would genuinely enjoy the fuck out of flying if it were the case, I already kinda like it.