You know what really grinds my gears?


It might have applied to the UK lately with the cold and snowy weather, but it’s a regular thing here - people who don’t clear the ice from their sidewalks all fucking winter long. They’re usually those who don’t go anywhere on foot and have total disregard for the dangers of walking. At this time of year during these freeze/thaw cycles, it’s a persistent problem.


“Bro why u be saying your best jokes around my girl”.

That’s from Burgundy’s post in the Funny Picture thread.

I know it’s 140 characters or something, but I detest this ugly dialect that’s arisen out of this whole Twitter phenomenon.


People have been talking and writing that way since long before Twitter existed, maybe you’ve just been blessed not to know anyone like that lol


u ave to get with the times innit blud…you know what i mean fam? :henry2:


My disgust whilst browsing the hot cross buns at Marks and Spencers, to find that chocolate hot cross buns are a thing.


Had their blueberry hot cross buns the other day.

Now don’t get me wrong, the standard hot cross bun is unbeatable, but these were pretty good. It was like eating a muffin at the same time as a hot cross bun. Confusing but in a good way.

I hear they’ve got some salted caramel ones. Not gonna lie I’m curious


I had toffee fudge hot cross buns the other day. Yum. :yum:


Can we really call them hot cross buns if they don’t have a cross on them


Ha, I must admit, I bought a standard pack and the blueberry ones too.

The chocolate ones would potentially be likened to a brioche with chocolate chip. Outrageous.


That’s the only somewhat realistic impression of urban London dialect you’ve posted.


People parking in front of my garage. :face_with_symbols_over_mouth:


Invest in a spiked belt, my man.


What is that?


That shit cops roll out across a road to bust someone’s tyres


Then the parked car just gets stuck there longer :thinking:


Thought as much. Can’t imagine putting that on the street.


Yeah, you’d be done for criminal damage surely.


Yea, I know. I was just being flippant.


when people attach ‘gate’ to any new scandal