You know what really grinds my gears?


Prams on public transport during peak times.

Pretty much anybody under the age of 18

Overentitled mothers

Single mothers who have many kids from different fathers

People who don’t control their children in public

Children in restaurants

The university system

Secondary school children


Why does that one bother you lol


Indicates a lack of planning and forethought and has a Negative effect on the children generally


washing takeaway containers. It used to be 2 plates and a bit of cutlery. Fucking recycling got a lot to answer for.


Dunno, seems a bit judgy. I worked as a Welfare inspector for a while so met such women regular enough. For the most part they were just ordinary women doing the best they could and with various differing stories as to how they came to be in the situation they were in (for want of a better way of describing it).

And I’m not really sure what an over entitled mother is. Is it not just over entitled people you dislike? :slight_smile:


The first part is fair enough

The over entitled mother part come from a personal experience where a woman rammed her buggy into the the disabled space on the bus when a disabled person was already there.

She thought it was her right to occupy that space, even though it’s priority for disabled passengers. This seems to happen quite alot in certain areas

Oh the awkwardness of when a third buggy attempts to get on the bus when two are already there. I’ve bore witness to so nasty rows over that


I always thought they should just make people fold the buggies regardless. Could be someone in a wheelchair at the next stop. I’m mostly a cyclist though so it’s not me who’d have to put up with the delay. :slight_smile:

That lady you encountered does sound like a complete bint.


Why do you hate children so much you monster? They are our future.


I could have sworn buggy technology as advanced so much to the point where simply folding a buggy is near impossible in under 3 mins.

Then there’s the usual complain of where they’re suppose to put the thing on a already crowed bus haha

Oh so your a road hogging cyclist!? Compiling my new list as we speak :sweat_smile:

@JakeyBoy it more the parent if anything lol. I’ve got no problem if a kid is just minding his own not messing about or being loud


Yes. Whether you give me a segregated cycle lane or not. :grinning:


People who don’t recycle :recycle:

It’s 2018 for goodness sake, it really doesn’t take much time or effort to recycle at least the more obvious stuff.

Whether your council is efficient or not at it is another matter of course


@sevchenko I take it you don’t have kids? :joy:


I don’t have kids unfortunately, I’m yet to be blessed. It’d be a bit concerning if I did though :joy:


How do people not recycle? It takes almost no effort.


Ignorant of it (increasingly less likely as an excuse) or just plain lazy


I see people with overflowing bins in my area and you can plainly see they don’t give a fuck about what goes in what bin.

I don’t know about other areas, but where I live we literally have three different wheelie bins. Sort your life out and stop being a selfish, lazy cunt.


Lol, yeah I don’t have a gripe with your list bar the part about controlling your kids in public. Only other parents will understand, and I think @Ocke was getting at the same thing, but sometimes that shit is just not possible.


Exactly :slightly_smiling_face: And the best parents are those without kids.
But @sevchenko I do understand what you mean.


I have a really good one:

Installing a surround sound system and mounting it to the wall, all the while your 3 year old is attached to your hip. He’s got good intentions, and he’s very technically inclined, but when he tried to jam the screwdriver into the electric socket…had to grab my first beer of the night lol.


Carra shambles reminded me of this.

Cunts that ‘snapchat and drive’. Or do anything on their phones and drive.

You’re driving a 3 tonne (at least) death machine. Show some fucking responsibility.