You know what really grinds my gears?


Get your fucking coat!


That sounds more like a chat up line than a dismissal :laughing:


Get your fucking coat Phoebica!


What’s @Phoebica gone and done?


Lol! His real wife, but sometimes @Phoebica is too a fan girl :xhaka:


When commentators say week in week out “ Arsenal haven’t got that crisp passing game going yet “ how long to the realise we have played good football for years ?


Been having this bollocks since I was 14. Have it every ten years now when the cunts reform and people make out their music rivals The Beatles.
Next day they wake up and play Olly Murs.


This smelly fucker in the gym right now.


I’m right with you there Stroller .
Madness are utter shit .


Football supports who stand there and bang a drum for 90mins . Why ? Who on earth is going to enjoy standing next to some fucking tool banging a drum !
I had it for one game and I nearly picked the drum up and rammed it up his arsehole.
Please , do everything one a favour, sit at home and pull ya pud


People who’s first thought on hearing about the death of someone well known is “I must update their Wikipedia page”.


Arsene Wengcunt


People who spend an entire gig with thier phone in the air recording it. Stop blocking the view and just fucking enjoy it!


I always get seated tickets now which mostly solves this issue. :slight_smile:


Same as those who refuse to sit down in the stands at games.


^^ Probably the number one cause of aggro at games, safe standing areas cannot come soon enough :pray:


Lol, it’s funny because I will not go to a concert if I can’t get tickets in the general admission section (standing only) why on earth would anyone go to a musical performance to sit there like a bump on a log? Isn’t music supposed to make u want to move?

Conversely, yes people who record the entire concert are annoying af as well lol. You went to the show to be there in person, instead you are watching the show through your phone screen, haha makes no sense at all. I can understand filming a couple of your favorite moments, but let’s be real here. You will never sit down and look at the footage you recorded ever again.


I used to be involved in a pretty active gig recording (just audio) and sharing community. I have about 80-90 gigs sitting on CDs that I haven’t listened to in many a year. Gigs I wasn’t at used to get a lot more listens than those I was so you’re spot on there. :slight_smile:

Fuck standing at gigs now though. I even sit down with me da when we go to see The Rovers these days. :slight_smile:


Hmm but how will other people know I’ve attend a gig if I dont record it and post to social media?


I don’t get this either. If I go to a gig before everything kicks off I’ll tag myself at the venue and then say what band(s) I’m seeing and that’ll do. What’s the need for some horrible looking and sounding video?!