You know what really grinds my gears?

Some good squatting practice at least.

Cost of living mate we’ve got to save money somewhere besides I think all toilet seat’s exported to Italy came from Russia, so solidarity and all that

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Drivers that think it’s ok to cut you up in the fast lane, in the space you were leaving because you’re not a tailgating cunt, to then immediately start braking in front of you. Get in the sea.


A fucking men!!! People can’t drive for shit anymore. Cunts.

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I’d change to a volcano if i am honest

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Is this a cultural norm? This is why i dont go on holiday!

People who do subtle passive aggressive attacks. Just bring it straight on or gtfo :slightly_smiling_face:

Yeah it would seem so haha

Sadiq Khan
What a vile little Fucker . How have we allowed such a little parasitic shit to become Mayor of the greatest Cities in the world .

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Why is he a vile little fucker and a little parasitic shit?

He is yet another modern Labourite who is hell bent on ruining peoples lives with his ULEZ increased travel zone. The added cost to the lower income families who rely on transport to provide for their love ones , not to mention small businesses that won’t be able to swallow the cost.
Vile little man who needs voting out like his other counterparts around the country.
So much for Labour being for the working man.

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Is it just the expansion of ULEZ that you have a problem with, or the entire concept of ULEZ?

It’s nothing more than a movement tax. That will impact the lower income families.
And labour were for the working man.
It’ll get thrown out and hopefully he’ll get thrown out too .

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So your problem is with the entire concept of the ULEZ?

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One can only hope, Ash :pray:t6:

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Tory cunts

It is along with that horrible Mayor . In fact all Labour representatives who are going about trying to stamp their authority by implementing a movement tax.
Hopefully his latest attempt will be a final nail in his coffin. Good riddance.

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Vile little man

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Stephan henchoz’s handball in the fa cup final! Now all you see is Owen rubbing his hands.

Selling van persie to utd for a bargain. Why?!

The 4-4 against Newcastle! which still gets brought up as it’s some kind of record. There were never 2 penalties in that game!

Giving ozil the contract instead of Sanchez. That little Chilean had a massive ego, but he nearly made that team. And what did we get from ozil after that…

The years of carragher and alike pointing at a ‘weak’ defence, but only in comparison to the top 4! Still better than 16 teams in the top league, so why don’t you say the same about them?! (When really it was goals we were lacking)

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…And communication between szczesny and koscielny (mainly szczesny), which could have produced a trophy