You know what really grinds my gears?

I violently dislike this idea :sweat_smile:

Think kids whose pictures are put on social media by their parents(without their consent ofc) should be told(by their cool uncle) to take pictures of their parents at home and post it on the school’s notice board every once in a while. “Here’s Mark’s father laying on the couch and watching TV for the 500th day in a row”. Only then it’s a fair game.


Returning to work today after 3 weeks leave, I don’t understand people that say even if they financially didn’t need the money they’d continue working as they’d get bored.


It’s always disappointing when you don’t win the lotto while on leave right.


Become a mod on OA then. Better salary and 3 secret meet ups a year to discuss evil plans about the site.

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This meetings have moved to Zoom since the pandemic.

I know how you feel, start again tomorrow after almost three weeks off. Could do with another week or so.

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Petty bureaucratic tyrants grind my gears. Life is so much easier if you’re nice.

I went to my oldest’s school today to figure why we owe tuition for summer semester. They didn’t have the form on file that authorized me to talk about his account. Fine, I really only had general questions anyway. But this cunt at the front desk was playing God Emperor of the Community College and refusing to answer my questions until I brought back the release form. I nicely asked for her supervisor, and when she came out she was very nice. I asked my questions and she answered them, it took all of 3 minutes. But I spent 20 minutes there because the first bitch had to prove that she was important.

I want ask people like that what happened to make them the way they are? I want to make sure I avoid turning one of my kids into that.