You know what really grinds my gears?

Shift work. Especially weekend shift work. Because fuck my social life eh


Yeah right, like you expect us to believe you got any mates anyway! :joy:

Edit: only jk with you by the way mate.

Don’t say that certain people on here will take that as ammo against me :arteta:

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Sucks absolute cock.

Weekends and night shifts :face_vomiting:

(Only positive is I’ll miss the helpings of Arteta’s football philosophy live.)

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We only have Netflix because wifey gets the British drama shows.

I’ve just tried to use Pinterest for the first time. Unintuitive crap.


guess you won’t be pinterested in using it again


Bastard test companies that charge an arm and a leg to do an exam. Motherfucking £270 I just forked out to take my GMAT exam in a few months time.


I got a PCN a few weeks ago for driving down a random road that is apparently restricted between 8-9am and 3-4pm. Never heard of that shit before in my life. Fucking driving in London is a piece of cunt.

I paid the fine which was £65. Pissed off but will never make that mistake again.

Queue Camden Council sending me another PCN for the same offence. The exact same timestamps and the exact same pictures / video footage. I challenged this bullshit PCN about 4 weeks ago. Got no response. Then got a letter a few days ago saying that because I haven’t paid within their time limit, they’ve raised the penalty to £195.

Dumb cunts haven’t realised that I’ve already paid the bastard fine. There’s no way of contacting these crooks either. No response to my email yet and was on hold for 30 minutes before I fucking gave up.

What a waste of life this whole thing was. And now I spent another few minutes typing it up and reliving the whole shite experience. Camden Council, rot in the fiery depths of hell you red-tape shagging jobsworth cunts


Im in the office today and bought a can of coke this morning to enjoy with my lunch, so I popped it in the fridge so it’d be cold and ready. Popped back and someone has pinched it.

Our office can house a couple hundred workers. There are fifteen people here today tops, and one of them is a thieving little cunt.


This happened a few times at my last place of work. One of my colleagues went a little crazy when someone took her sandwich. She sent a passive aggressive email to everyone and then she went round questioning everyone about what they had eaten for lunch :sweat_smile:

Reminded me a bit of Ross from Friends (see, there is a Friends reference for everything)

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Some kind soul saving you from that sugar and diabetes bro.

You’ll never get the money for a house wasting money like that mate.


I’ll have you know that I’m already on the property ladder my friend. Didn’t have a can of coke in ten years in order to get to where I am today, finally decide to treat myself, and this is what happens


That’s like your mate doing all your gear and saying he saved you from a potential heart attack.


:joy::rofl: still technically true tough


Muscle twitches. When you eyelid decides to have a life on its own.

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Probably an honest mistake by someone. I mean, cans of Coke do all look remarkably similar.


Probably not an honest mistake lol.

The fridge was literally entirely empty apart from cartons of milk. There were no other items, coke or otherwise, for them to have confused my can with. Nobody else put a can of coke in the fridge so how could they have thought mine was theirs?

It’s not like there were several cans of coke and I’m alleging that they took my specific can instead of their own lol


slow taps