You know what really grinds my gears?

This isn’t on purpose though, is it? Thought they were just waiting for a sponsor

Yeah, I know. But it just rankles a bit, I guess.

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Internet. The state of this website on mobile.


Fucking Independent website is awful for that shit.


Someone needs to create a new internet like in Silicon Valleys final seasons.


These kids back in grounds with these cardboard signs asking for shirts again.


I know this is definitely just my pointless peeve, but I really hate when they do these crappy number on shirts when players sign a contract extension. It just looks a mess, and you know they had to find a 4XL or some shit.


Netflix and their constant price increase, justifying it by money spent on new content, I don’t want to pay more for shit teenage series.


I cancelling my Netflix while ago. . ,since I have seen most of the stuff on it Cobra Kia and Daredevil are my favourite shows on it . Go to my friends to watch it if a good show like Stangers Things comes our. Also Netflix has shows being cancelled probably had more to do with Disney’s acquisition of Marvel, than Netflix. To many subscriptions servieas. At least Disney+ Those shows are next level.

As much as I’m down on Netflix I’d absolutely never cancel it in favour of Disney plus, watching all that superhero and Star Wars stuff would honestly sicken me after a while.

Netflix needs to up it’s game but it still has some magic coming through it’s lines, take Brand New Cherry Flavour for example, you’re never getting mature, dark story lines like that on Disney plus.

I actually think Netflix are starting to cater towards the more 18 rated stuff again since all the teenagers and kids are moving towards the other platforms, which is honestly the best thing Netflix could do right now. Give me back shows like NARCOS, The Haunting of Hill House, Ozark etc.


Disney has a lot of other stuff on it now, general American TV stuff beyond Pixar and Star Wars.

I think anyone can probably find something to watch on any streaming platform, and if it gets to a point where that’s not true then you can cancel it and just get another.

I had Prime, Disney and Netflix, so cancelled Netflix and haven’t missed it. I don’t watch a great deal of TV anyway but Netflix only had about 4 or 5 original series that I cared about seeing, released once a year or so, and I know they’ll still be there in 6-18 months when I get Netflix again and can binge them all.

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Like normal American TV shows or like stuff they produce like their MARVEL TV universe?

Normal American tv like The Americans, Modern Family etc.

Courtesy of their Fox takeover

Ah right fair enough, I feel like many platforms live and die by their standalone production features at the moment, with streaming what it is and has been for the last decade I feel most people have gotten around to watching what they want to watch in regard to the general stuff.

Not to say Disney don’t have a very strong niche with the Marvelverse, I’m just simply played out on it and more enticed by unique stories like Netflix seem to be back leaning into. Brand New Cherry Flavour was probably the first show I’ve binged watched in two days in years.

I think Disney and Prime are cheap enough to still justify Netflix alongside them anyway. There definitely hits a point that stops being true but not yet for me.

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Disney is worth it . Oh man, Disney+ got a crap ton of new content every week. it’s has been better than Netflix a while. They raised the price a little, but it’s still cheaper than Netflix, especially if you pay the annual subscription (which is 2 months free).

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It’s getting to that stage with every company having their own service that you have to get, that the best content site - thepiratebay will make a comeback.

And these corps will have noone to blame but themselves for getting greedy again.


Think plenty of us know alternatives to these official sites now.

As it rightfully should, given the cost, Sky blows them all out the water for me. Got all that HBO shit - Sopranos GoT, Wire, Boardwalk - and then the other day I took a look at their films and it’s packed full of absolute classics. Just casually gave The Godfather a rewatch a few weeks ago cos why not.

Got a log in off the in laws purely for footy but after months I actually checked out the on demand and its a mad one cos they’ve got the full package.

Watched Atlanta on Disney+ recently, a good example of the non Disney/Marvel stuff they got now.

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This shit never left man, it just took on new forms.

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