You know what really grinds my gears?

Heathrow is a 22 mile drive from mine but my car is like a 4l so I can’t let it run at less than half a tank


That’s a pisstake for sure.

What terminal you picking up from outta interest? If it’s T2 on numerous occasions I’ve rocked up to the drop off zone and waited over an hour for them to walk out and no-one has ever bothered me. Used to always happen when I picked my old man up.

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I’m at Terminal 5. I was going to do that, but for whatever reason I seem to remember there being cameras there and a barrier too. Could be wrong but when it comes time to put that ticket in the machine and the total comes out I might just collapse.

I hate paying for parking, congestion charge and any other toll charges.

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Are you still waiting?

Yeah, they finally answered their phones and said their luggage has gone missing hence the delay.

So I’ve gone to M&S to spend an obscene amount of money on something to snack on lol


What are you driving and is it a V8? :sunglasses:

Mercedes GLE 450 Coupe, so you can imagine an engine that big just guzzles lol



Who said this was allowed to become a thing


Come on mate, let he who is without pun cast the first stone…


Should have said you’ll get there for the time they said then still arrive 30 mins later at least.

What kind of clown thinks you’ll be ready to be picked up at the time of landing.

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If you’re getting a free lift then that person can show up whenever the fuck they like


I can indeed! I’ve got Mecedes CLS with a 3.5 V6 so I feel your pain, missing two cylinders though.

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@SRCJJ would you rather…

  • Wait over two hours during an airport run
  • spend 10 minutes next to someone chewing extremely loudly?



I bet the ten minutes would be way more rage inducing to him.

It would for me.


Public toilets.

In regards to taking a dump I’ll only use them if I’m diabolically desperate.

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A minor(ish) gripe, but when I see “Tottenham Hotspur Stadium” I wish we were “Arsenal Stadium”, the way it used to be, and not Emirates Stadium.


Don’t we go to Ashburton Grove if and when the Emirates deal ever expires?

Funny you mention spurs as they have a naming deal in place now

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Hmm, I’m not sure if Ashburton Grove is it’s official name or just commonly used.

Highbury was technically called Arsenal Stadium, so it wouldn’t surprise me if that was the case here too, when/if it’s not being sponsored by some corporation.

I think it’s called Arsenal Stadium when/if we are in Europe.


That would make sense. The only reason I noticed Highbury was officially called Arsenal Stadium is because they used to issue paper tickets to season ticket holders for Champions League games.

Which has made me remember that I kept the paper tickets from our home matches against Juventus, Real Madrid and Villarreal in 05/06 for many years. I hope they’ve not been lost in the numerous house moves since…

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